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Pierre Auguste Renoir's Work Essay

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Pierre - Auguste Renoir painted several paintings, very few being self portraits. There are three main portraits Pierre created of himself. While there are some differences between Renoir's self portraits, there are far more similarities. Like his color palette, his clothes, the style, and his passion. Renoir had an obsession over his brown trench coat and his white hat. He wore it in most of his self portraits. The coat hid his disability and the hat helped to shade his face from the world.
In two of his self portraits, Renoir chose to show himself as a rugged, natural, and middle class, wrinkled man who wears a white hat and a old brown coat. His parents were of the working class; therefore Renoir wished to portray that part of his heritage. He was raised to chase after his dreams and not care what the world thought of him. Renoir believed in all things natural, and as he aged wrinkles and his old coat were nothing but natural. A woman named Julie Manet saw his self portrait in 1899 and said it was a nice painting, but that Renoir made himself look harsh and full of wrinkles.1 She proposed that he take away some wrinkles or at least make them a little less defined. Julie insisted that he bring out his eyes. Renoir's work was considered in fine detail, to be delicate and calligraphic.2
Pierre - Auguste Renoir was the most popular French impressionist painter ever.3 Unfortunately, there has not been any exhibitions about him or his work since the nineteen thirties. Majority of his creations represent the world and its people without any problems or concerns.4 Renoir made the world look as though everything was perfect. That was what brought him his popularity.
Renoir never did any interviews or publications for thirty years, after the year of 1879. There were days where he would talk uncontrollably and there were days where he did not say a single word. Pierre Renoir was diagnosed with arthritis, a disease of the joints in the body, which gave him pain throughout all his days.5
When Renoir finally reached the age of sixty - seven, he would always reminisce about his past, because ever since arthritis, he had been painting with the brush tied to his hand. Within Renoir's self portraits or any other pieces of his works, we do not see his personal suffering. His body was damaged and he was crippled for most of his life, but within each piece of art Renoir created he tried to hide that.6 The past was where he was young and better looking, simple and just beginning, and where his career was truly in his work.7
Three of his self titled works will be compared. The three to be a representation of the beginning, middle, and end of his lifetime. The first one, titled Self Portrait, is a slight profile view of him at a younger age, at the beginning of his career. The second one also titled Self portrait, is a frontal view with his face slightly tilted up to the left, sometime at the half way point in his career. Which was finally finished in the...

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