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Renovated Schools: The Best Chance To Succeed

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At 7:45 a.m. Olivia skips down the driveway to her mailbox. She eagerly waits with a few of the other kids on her street for the school bus. The kids fall in line as the bus pulls up to gather them. Once at school, she will spend the majority of her day there. In fact, Olivia will spend the majority of her adolescence in school. Because children are important to the future, schools play an important role in every community. School is a place where children learn the three R’s- reading, writing, and arithmetic. In addition to an academic education, they learn social cues, communication, and conflict management. All of these things are important in a child’s development. While at school, a parent expects their child to receive the best education possible and kept out of harm's way. Unfortunately, many schools are a hazard because they have surpassed the “band-aid” method used to maintain them. It is important to renovate and modernize these schools because it expands opportunities for learning, keeps our children and teachers safe, and reduces overall cost.
To begin with, a renovated school lends the community an opportunity to update its programs, which expand opportunities for learning. For instance, it is well known that technology is growing at a rapid rate. Many of the kids attending school are already familiar with iPhones, laptop computers and the applications that they lend. In fact, some of the parents already use these as tools to teach in their households. Because of modern technology, children have instant access to the most current and accurate information. These tools can be used to enhance the learning experience. As an illustration, Olivia is nine years old and has been able to use the basic functions of a computer since she was three. Her parents bought her a program that taught the alphabet, counting, and sound recognition. By the time Olivia entered kindergarten, she had learned many of the concepts that were taught in class. This allowed her to excel. Now, Olivia is able to play games on the home computer that coincide with the lessons she brings home from school. One of Olivia’s favorite sites is There, Olivia is able to play games and explore activities that support what she is learning, such as math and reading skills. For teenagers, modernized technology in the classroom can serve a different function. Students can learn skills and receive training that is beneficial in the workplace. Thus, helping them get a job or be more attractive to universities upon graduation. Unfortunately, it seems that many schools do not have the infrastructure to keep up with technology. Therefore, they cannot offer what many of the kids use at home. If the schools had equal access to these services, they could set up a lesson plan that is interactive at school and home.
In the second place, a community can renovate a school to update or replace unsafe equipment to provide a safer learning environment....

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