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Rental Contract For Chapter Room Essay

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The rental contract is between Indiana State University (referred as "Residential Life") and one student organization from the Fraternity/Sorority House Corporation who are interest in renting for a Chapter room. The contract is a one-year term, beginning from 19th August 2006 till the 5th May 2007.The agreed rental fee shall be pay in advance by September 1 and January 1, if the rental fee is overdue by 30 days, the tenant will be notified to vacate the Chapter Room immediately.All the utilities including electricity, telephone services, data port and heat will be ...view middle of the document...

The University is allowed to enter upon the premises to check the cleanliness and also reserves the right to do any renovations and repairs to the premises at its own expense at reasonable times. Any renovations and alterations done by the Tenant must be approved by the University before any work to be started.Some exclusion clause in the contract includes: the University will not be liable for any damages if it cannot deliver the possession of premises at the time this contract begin and nor the contract will be voidable, but the Tenant will not require paying the rent until the possession is delivered to the Tenant. The University will also not liable in any accident or injury or loss to the persons or property while on the leased premises whether is caused by sole negligence or University. The tenant also required to carry two types of Insurance, General Liability Insurance Policy which is insuring Bodily Injury/Property Damage and Personal Property Insurance Policy to insure the property of the Fraternity/Sorority.It is said that this agreement can be terminated by 30 days written notice to the party of intent to terminate.Bibliography:Indiana State University


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