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Reoccurring Themes This English assignment to some people, or perhaps just me, seems like something that almost turns personal. We were asked to choose three different stories within this book that have a reoccurring theme. I wanted to pick a theme that meant something to me. I choose a theme that deals with following what you believe in, your heart if you will, rather than what other people want or expect you to do.Though I picked my own theme that meant something to me, perhaps other people feel that same way, because I didn't have to look very far to find them. All of my chosen stories were contained in a book we were reading in my class, and all of them, in many variations, stay true to this theme, and are, with a little reading, right there for the reading.One story that really reflected this was Chee's daughter. Within this story a Navajo Native American man named Chee's wife dies. It was custom that the single husband is to turn his children over to his wives parents. " "˜The Little One! Mother, where is she?'... "˜You wife's people came after her this morning. They heard yesterday of their daughters death through the trader at Red Sands.' ." (Platero 68). Unfortunately Chee's daughter, Little One, is very close to him and it is impossible for him to give her away.When he here's of this he is too heartbroken to just listen to tradition, he knows she is best with him. "Custom! When did my wife's parents begin thinking about custom?... Perhaps I can overtake them. Perhaps they don't realize how much we want her here with us." (Platero 68). Though his parents-in-law, his mother and even his own culture tells him taking his daughter back is socially wrong, that doesn't matter to him.It hurts Chee even more when he sees how his father-in-law exploits their culture, and Little One. "More tourists stood in knot before hogan where the sign said: See inside a Real Navajo Home 25¢. Then the knot seemed to unravel as a few people returned to their cars; some had cameras; and there against the blue door Chee saw Little One standing uncertainly." (Platero 69) Soon, however, things all go downhill for Old Man Fat, his wife, and little one. The main road that passes by his home has been replaced by a quicker root, and people do not stop at the tourist spot. Chee takes almost all his farmed food and brings it to them in one last bargain for his daughter. " "˜There is almost enough food here to last all winter.' Old man fat's wife sought the eyes of her husband. Chee said "˜ I mean it to be enough. But that was when I thought you might send Little One back with me.'... "˜I am sorry you feel you cannot bear to part with her.'... For in that moment Little One ceased to be their daughter's daughter and became just another mouth to feed." (Platero 74-75) And so, though not following what was considered "right" in his culture, Chee road back home with his daughter. He was still happy, and still felt he did the right...

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