Reorganize A Company Who Has Just Gone Into Liquidation.

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A Company which have 100 people, has just gone into liquidation, being unable to manufacture furniture of sufficient quality and provide enough to satisfy the demand for it. In order to solve the problem, we have already thought up a plan. The bank manager have already accepts the financial and marketing aspects of the plan, but he is unsure of my management ability and how I would improve the organisation and management of the collectively brought about the company's downfall. So I am now have to reassure him and persuade him that I know not only how to manage people, but also how to set up and organise appropriate business processes.For the business problem that we are working with. It is require a range of skilful and craft workers, So that the aim of the plan is to provide a good quality and sufficient amount of products. Satisfy the demand for it. Show that plan to the bank manager, give him a confidence. So that we can borrow this budget form him then we can put the company on track again.These are all internal problems within the company; management of workers, suppliers, costs and budget.THE OBJECTIVE. FIRST the workers. Due to the fact that it must have the following problem in suppliers area. The quality of the raw material must have not reach the standard that is aimed. For examples: the may ordered some cheap materials or expensive raw materials where they can have poor quality of work done with the expensive materials and good quality of materials done by poor quality of work or it could be the other way round. So it need to reorganise and have real thought about it. For the problem which just mention can be relayed to the workers. The workers also have problem in; not happy with their salary, relationship problems between all workers themselves (neighbour trouble), also not happy with their raw materials where they are working with.To solve the problem above I must monitor in depth on the suppliers. Look at their raw material that they are provided and communicate with the craft workers and see if the materials are what they really want and what really keen on working with e.g. a worker may not be happy working with pine wood because he thing pine wood is not the right raw material e.g. too light or not met specification for the furniture or some other strange reason and where I must really consider about his thought rather than just do what I wanted to do.In other words if I've ordered some expensive raw materials, but it still end up with poor quality of product. There may be a problem something like between the relationship of workers (neighbour trouble). Some one may have argue with some body and cause problem with the communication. Other possible case where they have neighbour troubles are, not happy with their working environment e.g. the working environment are too cold or too hot, bad air condition etc. These all have got to be done even those need to cost more overhead. Sometimes workers will unhappy with...

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