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A) An evolutionary idea suggests humor is significant because the ability to be humorous inclines that one has great cognitive understand and substantial genetic fitness; as well it is a characteristic that is highly desirable by both males and females. This genetic quality also suggests the possible interest for a potential or already existing relationship. The purpose of the research was to question whether humor may lead to attraction or if attraction leads to humor. If possible, interest in a relationship is demonstrated by humor or intellectual conversation. Both males and females find humor to be an important aspect in their communication with their partner or potential partner and if the dynamics of humor are apart of social domains, it can be viewed by others outside the relationship. This is important in determining whether the genetics for humorous qualities are more likely to attract those of opposite mates or if the genetics for humorous qualities is a result of the interaction.
B) Study 1 consisted of 46 undergraduates with 26 females and 20 males. The subjects answered a set of four questions under four different scenarios to determine if both genders are likely to start a conversation with humor, or if they respond well to the humor given by their partner. They were also asked after each if they would be willing to start or continue a current relationship given those scenarios. Study 2 had 92 female subjects and 51 male subjects who were sent to a fake dating website. They were given four profiles; two of attractive photos and 2 rated as unattractive. Participants were then asked to rate them to their own liking and who they would prefer to have a long or short term relationship with. After listening to an audio recording randomly assigned to the number one chosen, participants answered questions which were related to how funny they thought the person on the recording was, how warm they thought they may be, and how attracted are they to them. Study 3 used 158 woman and 150 men who viewed a mock speed dating trial where men were the ones displaying humor. In two scripts written the men continued a conversation with general use of...

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