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Fixing The Teenage Pregnancy Problem: A Humble Suggestion

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A Humble Suggestion
It is a melancholy feeling one bears when trying not to stare too obviously at a young girl with a large, attention-calling belly full of baby, and this girl might not even be through her sophomore year in high school. One might wonder what this girl’s plan is. Will this very large girl drop out of school? Is she still seeing whoever put that in her? If so, is he ready to help provide for the future child? One might even wonder if a belly that big is carrying twins, but we all hope not. Occurrences like these are not odd or rare, but no matter how common they have become, the problem is no less evident. This problem is not unsolvable, in fact, many solutions exist, but no matter how promising a proposal is, nothing will fix itself without society’s cooperation.
The safest and most reliable solution to avoid teenage pregnancy (and many a terrible STD) is also the most difficult proposal for teenagers to adhere to: an abstinence only policy. Not just frightened fundamentalists believe that sex-education with a curriculum that focus utterly on abstinence works. A study has shown that less than only one-third of sixth and seventh-graders who finished an abstinence-focused program started having sex within the next two years; whereas, nearly half of the students that attended classes teaching both about abstinence and contraception became sexually active (Stein). This project proves a certain validity of teaching abstinence, but just because a teen has sex does not mean that a baby being born is the only prospecting outcome.
Those that believe in abstinence-only teaching normally are against any other type of sexual-education being taught because their usual consensus is that teens will not have sex if they are not exposed to it; therefore, if teens are exposed to sex— even if it is through lessons involving sexual caution— teens will have sex. Though this reasoning is a stretch, abstinence is almost the only 100% effective adversary to teenage pregnancy.
Another possible solution is compulsory sterilization, meaning that the government would administer a forced prohibition of child bearing through surgical sterilization. Though this proposal might initially be perceived to echo similar approaches taken by Nazi Germany under the Third Reich, my resolution is actually much more ethical. Similar to the abstinence-only proposal, forced sterilization is also 100% effective, but unlike the abstinence-only proposal, this policy recognizes that teenagers having sex is inevitable. The enforced sterilization I suggest is much tamer than any implemented by a totalitarian nation. Unlike the Law for the Prevention of Hereditarily Diseased Offspring passed in Germany during the summer of 1933, my proposal is much more modest.
The mentally retarded, mentally ill, epileptic, blind, deaf, and physically deformed would not be required for fixing, I merely propose that men who fall under a specific income and intelligence criteria be...

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