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During the Suriname Guerrilla War between 1986 and 1992 between the Jungle commando led by Ronnie Brunswijk and the Surinamese military team headed by Desi Bouterse, the human rights of the people who were living in the tribal communities in the district of Marowijne were consistently being violated. However a peace agreement had been signed in France Guiana in May 1992, the American Court of Human Rights sentenced the government of Suriname of committing actions against human rights and ordered the state to start an investigation to compensate the civilians of the massacre in the Moiwana village on November 29, 1986 in Marowijne (Inter-American Court of Human Rights 2006). Despite the Miowana village however, there were other villages such as Apoera, Albina and other small settlements in which human rights had been violated, but they are not included in the sentence. Looking at the Judgment regarding the Moiwana case the people who are not included in the judgment also need to be included in the reparation process to bring a new way of development in the district of Marowijne.
The Guerilla war had serious consequences for the innocent civilians who were maroons (especially from the N’Djuka, Pamaaka and the Samaaka tribes) and the indigenous people. The violations consisted of torturing and killing by mostly the Surinamese military team who were at power after an overthrown of the democratic chosen government. About 5.000 people became refugees by moving to the neighboring country, French Guiana, because the safety and security of their livelihood was no longer guaranteed and there was no legal certainty. Villages were demolished and infrastructure as roads, water pipelines and power lines, schools, public building, clinics and businesses were destroyed. This made economic activities impossible and led to a scarcity of food and other basic needs. A huge part of the school children had lacked education during this period, because of the closure and destruction of schools.
The circumstances and the violations against the human rights in other villages in the district were similar as in the village Moiwana an N’Djuka village. However the actions against human rights in this village draw much more attention, because of the killing of 39 community members, mostly women and children, in a search for the guerrilla-leader Ronny Brunswijk. However taking the customary laws, usage, values and mores in consideration the term ‘traditional territories’ does not only refer to a particular village site, but also to the areas according to the N’Djuka customary law which reaches to the upper Tapanahony river in the district of Sipaliwini. Unfortunately, the Inter American Court of Human Rights did not include the N’ Djuka community members living in other villages rather than Moiwana and its members in her judgment. On the other hand community members of Moiwana living in French Guiana were also taken in consideration by the judgment. In August 2005 the...

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