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Repatriation Turnover At Scania Essay

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1. Table of Contents1. Table of Contents Page 12. Executive Summary Page 23. Introduction Page 34. Brief description of the firm and its industry context Page 45. Summary of the IHRM issues/problems Page 56. Relevant IHRM theory and research Page 76.1. Lack of Repatriation Management in Companies Page 76.2. Career Anxiety and Expectations Page 76.3. Devaluation of the International Experience Page 96.4. Coping with new Role Demands Page 96.5. Loss of Status and Pay Page 106.6. Social Factors Page 107. Solutions to the Repatriation Problem Page 117.1. Preparation prior to the expatriate's return Page 117.2. Mentor System Page 127.3. Support during reintegration process Page 137.4. Use of expatriate's experience Page 148. Conclusions and Recommendations Page9. Bibliography Page2. Executive SummaryThis report assesses the IHRM issue of repatriation and how it affects Scania, a Swedish multinational company that manufactures heavy trucks, buses, industrial and marine engines.Scania has to deal with the problem that some employees leave the company shortly after they return from international assignments. This is an acute problem for Scania as the cost of a single lost repatriate can be as high as US$ 1.2 million and Scania's competitors benefit from that investment because many repatriates tend to walk off to competitors.The potential causes for repatriates leaving Scania are lack of proper repatriation management and the devaluation of the repatriate's international experiences on the part of Scania. Causes on the repatriate's part are career anxiety and expectations, coping with new role demands, a loss of status and pay and social factors.Based on our research and analysis we recommend that Scania implements the following strategies to decrease their repatriate turnover rate.Scania should implement preparation programs about six months prior to the return, make use of a mentor to support the expatriate while overseas, help the repatriate to integrate in the company and community again by running seminars with former expatriates and to make better use of the repatriate's global experience by creating new expatriate policies with their help.3. IntroductionIn our project we will analyse the IHRM issue of repatriate turnover at Scania, a Swedish company and major player in the heavy transport industry.In our report we will address potential factors that cause repatriates to leave Scania after returning from an international assignment. We will then examine Scania's current repatriation program in more detail and will provide Scania's management with some solutions and recommendations on how to improve their repatriation program..4. Brief description of the organisation and its industry contextsFounded in 1891 in Sweden, Scania has become a multinational company and a global player in development, production and marketing of trucks for heavy transport work. Currently, Scania is the world's third largest manufacturer of heavy trucks and the world's...

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