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Change The Locks And Keep The Demons Away. Repond To This Statement In Any Way You Wish.

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Text type - NarrativeContext - Women of the twenty century lost in thoughtAudience - Her consciousPurpose - To entertainHeading - Husband coming home. Which incorporates the twistLength - 500 words Husband is dead Circumstances of her life Her fear and worry Confusion at not understanding Her departing words - Change the locks and keep the demons awayMy mind runs with too many thoughts. Thoughts of my dear husband Ted, such a kind and loving man, god fearing too, never set a foot wrong in his life. Stuck hard and fast, right to the letter of the law.Not any more, stupid women, no one is there to protect you now. Run, run as fast as you can. Were coming to get you. Ready or not.NO! Go away, the demons are back, must fight them off. Shut the door on that train of thought. I am not a stupid women and I do not need protecting. Ted will be home soon and then everything will be fine. The demons will go away because they thrive on my fear and when Ted comes home the fear will be eliminated.When we were married, I was only 17 and Ted was 21, he took care of my every need, made sure that I was O.K and that nothing was wrong. He kept the demons away then he made sure that they stayed at bay during the dark hours of the night when they best loved to come out. Ted was my protector.Ted, Ted, Ted is dead. We have come for you now. You are next. Next in line.Ted is not dead. They tell such lies. Ted is just at work. One hour and he will be home. Home again, to stay forever. The demons will not stay away then, they can do no harm when Ted is here. They are...

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