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Developments in nanotechnology and tissue engineering have provided promising ways to repair and replace damaged bone [3, 4]. Poly (sorbital sebacate adipate) (PSSA) is fully biodegradable, thermoplastic aliphatic polyester with biocompatibility and ecological safety. However, it has quite a few drawbacks, such as high elongations and very low thermal stability that prevent its larger commercial applications. The mechanical and thermal instability of PSSA elastomer prevents it from substituting the biodegradable nanomaterials in commercial products [3]. To overcome these drawbacks of PSSA, we have prepared PSSA nanocomposites with organically modified [4].
Human bone tissue is a nanocomposite with both organic and inorganic components. In particular, mineralized hydroxyapatite [Ca10(PO4)6(OH)2,] which is the main inorganic constituent in the bone extracellular matrix. Generally, a perfect tissue-engineered composite should assure several necessary criteria. It should be: biocompatible with biomimetic nanosurface structure and chemistry to minimize the local tissue response while maximizing cell growth and tissue integration; porous to allow cell passage and well-organized exchange of nutrients and wastes; biodegradable with a favorable degradation rate, allowing the composite to provide structural support for initial cell growth and then gradually degrade after new tissue formation; and possess appropriate mechanical properties to support tissue growth under native mechanical loads.[2,5–7].
Polymer nanocomposites are commonly defined as the combination of a polymeric matrix and fillers that have at least one dimension (i.e. length, width or In addition, PSSA/HAP composites have thickness) in the nanometer size range [5]. Demonstrated that large hydroxyapatite microparticles debond easily from the polymer Matrix, resulting in inefficient stress-transfer mechanism across the matrix-filler interface during the tensile tests [7]. Moreover, large HAP microparticles act as stress concentrators for the polymer composites, and fracture readily during mechanical loading [8].It has been shown that only a few percent of nanofillers (usually from 1 to 5 wt.%) leads to greatly...

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