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Replacement Windows And Home Security Upgrades

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Homeowners in Virginia and the Washington, DC area often consider aesthetics and price as the main factors driving decisions. While we understand the importance of finding windows that match your home's architecture and complement your overall design scheme, at Renewal by Andersen we think security and safety are important, too.

Based on FBI projections, more than three percent of all homes in the United States will be burglarized this coming year. There were almost 4000 burglaries in the DC area in 2012. Criminals look for easy access and quick entrance opportunities.

One proven way to reduce your chances of becoming a victim to home invasions is to upgrade your old windows.

Technological advances and new glass designs make glass stronger today. Multiple-pane construction resists impact better than single pane windows often found in older homes. Installing windows with shatter-resistant glass and high-quality frames improves safety and security for your home.

You already know that replacing old windows adds value and beauty to your home. We want you to understand how replacement windows from Renewal by Andersen can improve home security in your Virginia or Washington, DC neighborhood.
Building a Barrier

Laminated Glass construction makes it almost impossible for an intruder to enter your home by breaking a window. A special PVB (plastic) mid-layer rests between two sheets of glass. If one pane breaks, the plastic liner acts like a section of sticky tape, holding the shards or fragments together.

The inter-layer is invisible, allowing homeowners to enjoy a clear, unobstructed view. By the way, built in UV protection keeps harmful rays outside, protecting your flooring and furniture from fading, too.

Another type of security glass is wired glass. Unlike laminated glass which relies on a strong inter-layer for integrity, wired security glass has a wire mesh component built into the glass during manufacturing. Clarity varies from almost clear to tinted or opaque. Wired glass is not as visually appealing for some homeowners, but it deters would be intruders from attempting to break into your home.

Depending on your personal preference and window location, you might use this style...

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