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Replacing Qualified Nurses With Less Skilled Support Workers, Linked To Greater Death Risk”. London South Bank University Year 1 Essay

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The team of health professionals comprises of a diverse group of specialized professionals, and the most important part of the medical team are the patients. Improving patients care has become a priority for all health care providers with the aim of achieving a high level of patient satisfaction. Therefore, the quality of patient satisfaction is eventually determined by the quality of skilled workers in the health sectors. (Mikkonen and Hynynen, 2012)
The nursing workforce is one team of health workers that plays an integral role in the health care system, which is the reason they are refer as the heart of health care. They consist of Registered nurses and non-registered health care assistants and assistant practitioners. In 2014, there are estimated 590,202 Registered nurses in the UK having risen by 20% since 2004, estimated 40, 538 midwives in the UK and estimated 300,201 nursing auxiliaries and assistants in the UK. They play a major role in patient safety, they are with patients around the clock and are responsible in ensuring patients receive the right therapy. (RCN direct, 2017)
Registered nurses (RN), are highly skilled health professional who have acquired good knowledge and skills towards caring for patients while The Support workers also known as Health Care assistant (HCA) are less skilled worker who have basic skills towards patients care. (Driffield, 2016). A skilled worker therefore is said to have a special skill, acquired knowledge, training and ability in their work, while a less skilled worker tends to have less formal education or fewer relevant skills. (Hallin and Danielson, 2010).
There is a plan in motion by the Government to introduce a new role of nursing called the Nursing associate. The new role was announced by the UK Government in 2015, which has commenced in December 2016, a 2-year programme in nursing taught in few universities which trains the existing support workers to sit alongside registered nurses and support workers. They are said to also undergo almost equal training, knowledge and skills of a Registered nurse, as they aim to deliver the high-quality care patient needs (Glasper, 2017).
However, studies have revealed that this new role are lower skilled workers and replacing a professional qualified nurse with lower skilled nursing assistants has been linked to a heightened risk of patient death” (Longhurst, 2017)
Therefore, the purpose of this discussion is to explore different literature reviews to determine for or against the topic which says, “Replacing qualified nurses with less skilled support workers, linked to greater death risk”.
Search method
A literature review was undertaken by searching the databases CINAHL, PubMed, Royal college of Nursing, and Medline.
The search terms “Health professional”, “Registered Nurse”, Support Worker”, “Skilled and less Skilled health workers”, “Nursing care”, “Nursing Associate”, “Increase in death rate” and “nursing Associate should not replace...

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