How Should Zambia Look Like In 2024 From A Tourism And Recreational Perspective

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The purpose of this report is to give an answer on an important question “How should the destination Zambia look like in 2024, from a tourism and recreational perspective?." As a policy employee for the Ministry of Tourism & Arts in Zambia, the vision of Zambia for 10 years will be shown. Tourism policy needs improvements, and in order to meet with stakeholders, vision and explanation needs to be done. All information is reliable in the report as just official websites and articles of Zambian government will be used.
1 Introduction
This report will contain an analysis of Zambia from a tourism perspective. Report will contain three main parts. First of all, long term vision of Zambia will be shown. It’s main purpose to show how Zambia will look like in 10 years. The second part will be about the destination analysis and it will contain internal and external analyze of Zambia. It means that the second part will contain information on current source and target markets, desired image of Zambia, trends and developments, etc. The extensive conclusion will be shown at the end of the second part. The third part of the report will provide justification of the long term vision. Reliable facts and figures will support all the information in this report.
2 Long Term Vision
This long term vision is written from the perspective of one Russian woman who travelled to Zambia two times: in 2014 and 2024 for tourism purposes.

I was always interested in African culture and every second year I try to visit different African country. In 2024, I chose to travel to Zambia as my friends suggested me this amazing place if I want to experience real Africa. I already visited Zambia ten years ago, and I was quite skeptical about traveling there again as my first experience was not so successful. However, I saw photos from the trip to Zambia of my friends in Facebook, and I checked some travel blogs about the tourism in Zambia. Many travelers suggested me to visit Zambia and experience the difference, and I must say that I do not regret about this trip. Tourism in Zambia changed significantly within 10 years. Now it is a popular destination to visit. All tourism agencies assured me that Zambia is the best place where I will experience real African life with its cultural and natural heritage.

First of all, now there is a large number of activities that visitors can do in Zambia. It is a famous tourism destination among adult people: singles and couples. People are coming here to experience real African life: to see birds, wild animals, visit famous waterfall, lakes, national parks, and rivers. Other famous activities except for sightseeing are adventure sport activities for instance: bungee jumping, walks with wild animals and parachuting. Zambian people are polite, hospitable and very proud of their cultural and natural heritage. Once I met local Zambian family who shared with me knowledge about their country. It was very interesting to listen them and of course...

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