Comparing Cars According To Their Eninges And Fuel

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There are three main types of cars or other vehicles that you can find on the road driving around today. Those three types would be, gasoline powered, diesel powered or the electric/hybrid vehicle. Of those three which type of car is the cleanest? That is the question I aim to answer. There are three different questions I intend on answering to figure out which car is the cleanest. The first question will be, what type of car takes the least amount of energy to produce? Second, which car gives off the least amount of harmful gases/emissions? Finally what car will you find on the road lasting the longest, the most durable vehicle. I then will choose a winner for each category and then take a look at the overall benefits and disadvantages to decide the overall greenest vehicle choice.

The first question to answer is which car is the greenest to make. All cars have, tires, a frame, seats and standards like that so I wont be looking into those details. All of these cars have internal combustion engines. That means that the fuels source is compressed with air to, that in the end give the engine power to move the vehicle. Some of the parts that all these types of cars share are: an engine block, transmission, pistons, radiators, air intake, valves, belts, etc. The main focus I will have is the different parts each car has, how much energy those parts are need to be made and how long those parts will last.

The first type of vehicle I will be looking at is the gasoline fueled car. In order to power you vehicle with gasonline you need the fuels source, in this case gas, air and a spark. This happens inside of the pistions under compression. Without a spark a gasoline vehicle will not work, so you need to get spark plugs. According to Kristen Hall-Geisler and her report “How Spark Plugs Work” she explains the functions. A spark plug is a cylinder that gets screwed onto the top of the engine and it provides the spark needed to ignite the gasoline. Spark plugs will also take unwanted heat away from the engine. You typically will need one spark plug per cyliner engine. For example a four cylinder car will need four spark plugs. The average spark plug life now is 30,000 miles, but there are some plugs that last up to 100,000 miles. Marshal Brain claims that there is another extra part that a gasoline car has, called a carburetor. A carburetor is the part that will mix the gasoline with air before it get put into a cylinder.

The second type of vehicle is diesel fueled. Diesel engines are the most simple of the three types. The diesel fuel doesnt need a carburetor to mix the fuel with air before it is injected in the engines cylinder. Marshal Brain reported that diesel fuel can be directly injected and mixed with the air in the cylinder. Another thing that diesel vehicles dont need are spark plugs, diesel compressed with the air can ignite giving the power needed for the engine with out a spark. However on cold days diesel engines dont get hot enough for...

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