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Love, tradition, emotion are just a few of the themes that are covered in the movie Like Water For Chocolate directed by Alfonso Aráu(1992) and bases on the novel written by Laura Esquivel(1989). The movie tells the story of Tita, a young woman that longs her life to marry her lover, Pedro but can never have because of her family’s traditions. The story develops on how Tita is trying to rebel against her mother and her tradition of the youngest daughter not marrying but taking care of her mother until the day she dies. The story takes place in Mexico at the turn of the twentieth century. The movie was amazing at showing these themes and really easy to identify them.
The main theme of the movie is love especially the love between the Tita and Pedro. We can feel love in different ways like through family deaths, time, distance, traditions and secrecy. The love between Tita and Pedro is a forbidden love stated by the tradition of Tita’s family. Pedro fell in love with Tita since the first time he saw her and when he tried to ask for her hand in marriage Tita’s mother, Elena, declined because of their traditions. Pedro married Tita’s older sister thinking that he could be close to her. Tita tries to obey her mother’s demands and suppress her feelings for Pedro but she never succeeded. They believed that what they felt was true love and that everyone else was against them. I personally don’t believe its true love. True love is when they don’t have doubts or worries about their relationship. In the movie, Tita and Pedro were always worried about each other. Tita always felt anxious when seeing Pedro and her sister together and doubt that Pedro really felt something for her. Also, when Pedro was away she went with another man and almost marries him. I believed that what they felt was passion. The feeling of forbidden and wrong kept that passion alive between them. They were always longing for each other against the traditions and rules. At the end of the movie we can see that it was their passion that killed them when they were finally together, sparking the “matchbox” inside of them.
Another theme is tradition and this one has a lot to do with the love theme as well. The tradition that was passed generation to generation was that in their family the youngest daughter was not allow to marry because she had to take care of her mother until she dies. This is the case of Tita; when she falls in love with Pedro she is denied to marry him because of this. If Tita doesn’t follow this she will not fulfill what society considers her responsibility with her mother. Tita is not the only one that was forced to follow traditions; her mother was also denied to marry her true love and was forced to marry a man chosen for her. Elena, Tita’s mother, decided to follow the tradition and implemented the same traditions with her daughters. Tita did not agree with them, she saw them as unfair; if she cannot marry and have children, who will support her in her age?...

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