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Health Achivements And Challenges In Bhutan

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Doctor Kinley Tshering is presently working in Jigme Dorji Wangchuk National Referral Hospital (JDWNRH) as a Pediatrician and he is specialist in child health care and he has Bio-chemicals and medicines as his background studies for five and half years of training. Dr. Tshering shares so many fearful experiences while he was on training. Dr. Tshering also believes that listening to patients are more important in life than to make patients listen to him. The key aspect of his talk was to give a brief historical background on health and disease in Bhutan. He also highlighted about the modern medicine and its effectiveness. According to Dr. Tshering, (2014) his main aim of delivering the lecture was to give awareness on health progress, health achievements and the challenges and issues while providing free medical services in Bhutan. He further states that the scattered population and rugged terrain hampers health workers to travel from village to village for the awareness programme and providing treatment to the patients. He also talked about the availability of health facilities around the country and the drastic improvement in medical care. The nature of his job seems to be very tiring, risky and sacrificing his precious time for the wellbeing of his patients.
Madam Namgay Lhamo is working as a instructor in National Institute for Medical Sciences (NIMS). Before joining National Institute of Traditional Medicine, she worked as lecturer in Paro College of Education (PCE). She talked about the Bhutanese traditional medicine and how it came into existence in Bhutan. She also gave us brief history about Traditional Medicine which is purely based on Buddhist philosophy. She also talked about the name Sowa Rigpa for traditional medicine. According to Lhamo (2014) the key aspect of her lecture was to give some awareness on traditional medicine and how it helps people to cure diseases with purely herbal medication. She further states that the main aim of the traditional Medicine is the production of safe, effective and high quality traditional medicine in the country. They have challenges due to limited raw materials and poor scientific evidence which leads to complications in doing research. She also talked about the connection between mind and body that makes us sick.
The similarities between the two discussions were both talking about providing free basic health services to all citizens and have similar mission, vision and mandates. Both medical institutions work hand in hand to treat patients by providing alternatives and choices such as a patient can try with tradition medicine if modern medicine does not cure his/her illness. Traditional Medicine as well modern medicine is to have treatment on mental, spiritual and physical health. Though modern medicine has become much popular and widely used by the people, but Traditional medicines co-exist harmoniously because the belief and practice of Traditional method still exist within the minds of...

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