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Abbie Burley
English comp.
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November 29, 2017
Do you ever look at people and wonder how they manage to get through a busy day or must even a normal day if so maybe you have ADHD ()? ADHD a chronic condition including attention difficulty, hyperactivity, and impulsiveness. ADHD has different symptoms, testing and treatments.
There are many different symptoms of ADHD like many disorders. Some of the symptoms are lack to attention to details and reckless mistakes. People with ADHD also loses things often, they also talk excessively and interrupts others. Now alto of these things seem like no big deal but if every day of your life is a restless mess and people start to not like you because your “rude” wouldn’t you want to do anything to not have to be squirmy and always moving or talking and losing everything that’s essential to your life no matter what you do. Another huge symptom that in my opinion is the worst is in the middle of the day you shut down because everything becomes to much. There are many different symptoms of ADHD.
There are many different ways doctors’ asses if someone has ADHD. First, if it’s a child health care professionals can diagnose such as psychiatrist, pediatricians’ and child psychologist, can assess the child for ADHD using the Guidelines from the “American Academy of pediatrics or the American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical manual” (WebMD). To diagnose the doctor collects information from different sources such as the child’s school, caregivers, and parents. The doctor will also compare the child’s behaver to other children He/ she’s age. The doctor will also look at the child’s medical history to make sure the behavior isn’t caused by something else. Such as a “recent major life changes, undetected seizures, thyroid problems, sleep problems, anxiety, depression and lead toxicity” (WebMD). In adults, the proses is only a little different they still look at the adult’s history as a child talk to parents and close friend and the go through physical exams that might also include neurological testing. Adults seeking to be diagnosed must go through psychological testing. With adults try to seek a reason for their struggles and treatment it’s a little more vetting involve id assume it’s because they don’t want to miss diagnoses for someone that just want drugs.
There are many different types of treatments for people with...

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