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The goal of this essay is to explain how the soundtrack for animation Aeon Flux ‘War’ was developed. In addition, the ideas, influences, themes and applied production processes will be discussed in detail. After that, a critical and objective evaluation about the effectiveness of the whole soundtrack will be presented.

To begin with, the main concept of the assignment was to capture Foley effects and compose original music for the Aeon Flux ‘War’ animation. Foley is commonly known as a process of recording various sounds and manually matching them with the movement of film (ref) (ref). This process is widely applied in film post-production stage because most of the time sounds apart ...view middle of the document...

Similar elements can be identified to have been applied in a scene where a red-haired woman is having a shoot-out against multiple soldiers.

As for the electronic music, influences came from such genres as Break-beat, Trance and House. Specific works that inspired were Aerodynamycs by House genre representatives Daft Punk and Torture Chamber by a Trance producer John Askew. The rough lead theme accompanied by a Break-beat groove, similar to the one in Aerodynamics, is heard to reflect a self-confident and ruthless blonde-haired character Trevor (ref?). The other lead character is the samurai type man, who is being represented through a traditional Chinese instrument Zheng Harp and the In-Sen scale, which is supplemented by an aggressive Trance style rhythm.

The next part of this paper will focus on the most important and significant production processes and techniques. As can be expected, common production practices such as the removal of unheard or inaudible low frequencies were applied to most non bass type instruments. This allowed bass elements to reflect more clearly and have their own sonic space (ref) (ref). Next, different types of reverb and delay instances were applied throughout the soundtrack. In particular, this is...

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