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This is a summarized report on a table that I have made on document comparisons. I have compared different documents to try and analyze them and see if they have any common characteristics such as: font size; layout; colour; position; orientation and corporation. The documents that I have used are different. I have one document which is a junk mail letter from tops pizza, I have another which is an informal letter from JD Sports and I have a business letter from British gas. My findings are put down below.I will first start with the promotional leaflet/junk mail letter from Tops Pizza. This well known company for selling pizza and giving the buyer free delivery is advertising their menu and in order to do this they are using several techniques. The company is also advertising their great specials and offers that they have at the moment. Their target audience is mostly young people (teenagers, people studying, bachelors and young couples) aged from about 15 to 30 years of age and have money to spend. Also the logo of this company is easy to remember as it is jus a black top hat and the name of the company below. The orientation of this document is landscape and looks like most leaflets nowadays- folded and opens up as a menu would. It is printed on A4 paper and I would say that the font size is about 14-16. Colour on this junk mail is evident and it has bright colours and a lot of pictures. On the cover it has a big picture of slice of pizza which immediately tells you that they sell pizza. All this colours and pictures appeal to young people. About 90% of the space on the page is used up and this is good because they tried to make use of all the space and not leave any white patches anywhere. It is also full of information. The list of pizzas and description of each one is positioned on the left and the prices next to each corresponding one on the right. The menu starts on the left and ends on the right. Overall this is an excellent way of attracting new customers and is very appealing to its target audience. I personally would go there just after looking at the promotional leaflet.The next document that I started with was the informal letter from JD Sports(a sports store selling fashionable clothes, footwear and sports accessories) telling customers about a new improvement for their customers called 'Style Care'. Now this letter is aimed at regular customers of JD Sports who have money to spend and want insurance on their footwear in case it gets stolen or damaged. Unlike the junk mail letter from Tops Pizza, this letter is portrait and not landscape. It is printed on...


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