Report For Non European Investor That Consider Investments In The Eu Market(Swot Analysis Included)

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Elaborate a prospective report for a non European investment company willing to invest in the EU, based on a rapid SWOT analysis of the EUEuropean Union Swot AnalysisStrenghts- Capcity of the market : 500 milion of potential customers- Size of Economy: GDP 6 Bilions Dollars- More posts are created in EU than in China thanks to FDI- One of the biggest exporters in the world- Efficient structure: common legislation to all countries- Defensive instruments of internal market (antidumping, anitsubsidy , safeguards)- Instruments supporting trade ex : Trade Barriers Regulation, Market Access Strategy- High effectiveness of workers- Differentiated cost of labour- Good infrastructure for logistics- Capacity for quality construction plants- Cooperation with WTO- Environment of sustainable competitiveness- Low CIT in some parts of EUWeaknesses- Lack in transparency in legal texts- High Costs of labour force- Disparity in level of infrastructure among member state, burocracy, time required to set up business- Lack of ability to govern EU as one country- Some members of EU have high CIT- Low interest in fast growing markets like USA, ChinaOpportunities:- Convergence of disparities amongst member states (infrastructure, standard of living)- Creation of post, decrease of unemployment- Increase percentage of insertation to global economy (currently China is the leader)- Archive sustainable growth ,Increase competitiveness- Saving efficiently environment on international scale- Propagate human rightsThreats:- Being even less competitive thanks to environment norms- Trade Barriers- Lack of scientifically breakthroughs might slow down growth in long term- Unfair practices around International competition- Fast expansion on the world market of two biggest competitors- Becoming less efficient because of disagreements amongst nationsCompany which is interested in EU market has to identify priorities that considers for most important. European Union is much diversified, culturally, geographically, in natural resources, costs of living, renting facilities changes, level of education of citizens differs as well, cost of labour force is also not the same, taxes are set up by national governments so it also has to be different. Companies that are interested in cutting costs on taxes or labour spendings will automatically choose new member state countries. The level of salaries in new EU members is significantly lower than in older MS. Poland, Czech Rep. and Hungary attract the most FDI amongst others new members. Factors like low taxes, good infrastructure, certain amount of professionals, big population, low FDI per capita - indicate companies' high capacity for FDI. Developed countries appeal different type of investors, who search for scientific research facilities. In those countries there is bigger supply of labour that finished higher education than in new member state countries. Investors might also receive some incentives for an instance in Denmark, if the...

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