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Report Of A Court Visit

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Report of a Court VisitIntroductionI will briefly describe role and function of the Federal, State Court System and including Community Justice Centres and including Legal Aid. I will report my visiting at the Downing Centre Local Court and seeking the information about summons or attendance notice by speaking one of the court officers. I will present some nature of the matters as my observing court proceeding. I also provide a concise comments and soico-legal intervention from my personal point of view.Describe the courts and the relevant jurisdictionCourts are various in Australia; I will briefly describe Federal and State Court System.The High Court is the highest court in the Australian judicial system. The seat of the High Court is in Parliamentary Triangle, Canberra. The functions of the High Court are to interpret and apply the law of Australia; to decide cases of special leave from Federal, State and Territory courts. Including challenges to the constitutional validity of the laws and to hear appeals. In addition, there are offices of the High Court Registry in Sydney, staffed by offices of the High Court. (High Court website)There are three levels in the general court hierarchy in New South Wales. It is the Supreme Court, District Courts and Local Courts. (Law link website)The highest court in the State is Supreme Court of the NSW. It has unlimited civil jurisdiction and handles the most serious criminal matters. The Court of Appeal and Court of Criminal Appeal hear appeals from decision made in most of the Courts of NSW and from decisions made by a single judge of Supreme Court.The District Court is the intermediate Court in NSW and has jurisdiction to hear: all indictable criminal offences (except murder, treason and piracy); and civil matters with a monetary vale up to $750,000, or greater with the consent of the parties. The Court also has an unlimited jurisdiction in respect of motor accident cases. The Court can also deal with applications under the De facto Relationships Act 1984, and the Family Provision Act1982, that involve property wroth not more than $250,000. The Court's judges hear appeals from the Local Court and also preside over a range of administrative and disciplinary tribunals. (Law link website)The Local Courts are the courts of general access in NSW and have jurisdiction to deal with: criminal matter which can be decided without a jury and committal hearing; juvenile prosecutions and care matters; motor traffic prosecution; civil actions to recover amount up to a certain value ($40,000); some family law issues and coronal inquiries.In the Local Court, Magistrates hear criminal cases, which do not need a judge and jury. These are called summary offences and include traffic matters, minor stealing offensive behaviour, and some types of assault. Magistrates conduct committal proceedings to decide if there is enough evidence for serious matter, such as armed robbery, to go before the District Court. Magistrates also...

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