Report On A Career As An Event Manager/Planner

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1. Introduction

1.1 Definition and Description

An event manager/planner is someone who plans, executes and evaluates a corporate, association, non-profit, government or social event such as a wedding, important business meeting, fundraiser, promotion, fair, conference, festival or party.

They are in charge of researching markets, making detailed proposals of timelines, venues, suppliers, staffing and budgets as well as securing and organising speakers, guests, tickets, parking, security, first aid and equipment hire. Other roles event managers/planners have usually extend up until and then after the event where they have to oversee the removal of the event (such as rubbish collect, stage ...view middle of the document...

To be a good event manager/planner you must have good organisation and clear communication skills and be able to deal with people under tense and stressful situations. You must also have a good attention to detail as small things that are not taken care of can quickly turn into a big problem. Computers are used for completing most tasks in the industry so it will be a big start if you are skilled at using them. Some qualifications that will get you far as an event manager/planner include a certificate in tourism or hospitality, finishing at least year 10 at school or a certificate/bachelor course in event management from TAFE or university.

2.3 Salary and Wages

In event management/planning the amount you can or will earn depends on your level of skill, experience and who your employer is. The average amount of hours a week an event manager/planner works across Australia is 44.3 hours, plus overtime during events when deadlines must be met. The usual starting wage is approximately $49 000 P/A, seniors earn around $70 000 and the average person in the industry will earn about $60 000.

2.4 Prospects
As an event manager/planner you will find yourself working in large hotels, show grounds, tourist resorts and function and conference centres, among others. Once you’ve discovered and perfected the basics you can chose to specialise in a certain field such as weddings and festivals. The employment number in this industry often depends on the number, size and frequency of big events and also the level of tourism and economic...

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