Report On A Summer Camp With Adults With Multiple Different Diseases

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For the past two years I have attended a summer camp for adults with MDA. These adults have multiple different diseases that effect their muscles ability to grow and develop. For some this disease hasn’t had much of an effect on them yet, for others it can be difficult for them to so much as get up in the morning. This disease can make life extremely difficult for the people who have it. They tend to get left out of things more often, and most don’t get to go out of their own homes to much. Campers post count downs on Facebook every year, starting the day after they get back home from camp. They love it, enjoying every second of it. This camp helps surround them with positive influences, and ...view middle of the document...

To start off each camper sets three goals they wish to accomplish during the week. It is the councilors job to do absolutely everything they can to make those goals happen. We have had goals such as jump off the diving board, score a shot in power soccer, and even something as small as to stand on those goal sheets. These might sound like simple tasks, but for them it means the world. Campers adore power soccer, it’s girls vs. guys. Power soccer is much different then normal soccer. We have to use zip-ties to tie plastic to the front of the wheelchairs, and in order to play you have to be in a wheelchair. The games get very intense, we normally only play a few hours of power soccer three times a week. We go to the pool about twice that week, then the other three times that week we go down to the lake. At the lake campers get the chance to catch fish, shoot paint ball guns at targets, and even get in boats. The pool is special because it has a lift on it to make it possible for campers who are in wheelchairs to be put into the water safely. We have all the cabins challenge each other daily in small games. We have a different event every night things like casino night, fireworks and popsicles night, talent show night, dive in movie night, and even a dance on Friday night with a fun little after party. On the last day of camp, the campers aren’t ready to return home, they wish to stay at camp forever. They don’t want to leave their friends and not...

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