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Report On Advantages And Aspects Of Advertising

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Why launch an advertisement campaign?To start off, when your company is just becoming established in the British market, consumers will have no knowledge of your product, we must encourage or persuade the consumer to buy your product. To make customers aware of the product we must advertise.Large scale advertising mainly consists of advertising on TV, Radio, newspapers and other large scale media. This ensures that advertising reaches the largest amount of people in the shortest amount of time. It is likely that the consumer will be more interested in the product if they hear of on a national level such as TV or Radio.We must watch out for other companies in Britain that sell a similar product or overseas companies that sell in Britain so Pakanawa can analyse the British marketing strategy and improve upon it.Market Segmentation is also another factor to take notice of. Market segmentation helps to differentiate products for different age groups. For most product, there are segments of the market that you need to specifically advertise to. Fore example, different methods of advertising would be needed if you were to advertise to parents than to the children. For a lot of products their are a lot of age groups that you need to advertise for and these must be taken into consideration. We must analyse the different market segments that are applicable to Pakanawa and investigate how we can exploit these different market segments. An ad campaign is a very sensible idea because no-one will know about our products without the use of advertising. This means that we must concentrate on a good ad campaign so people will know about our products. Approximate prices are shown below for large scale advertising:TV Price agreed with company (500,000 + )Radio (250,000 + )Newspaper lineage ad 250Newspaper full page 700-900Cinema booklets 650.00 per cinemaFlyers 0.08 per flyerAs is shown above, advertising is very expensive when done on a large scale so to justify any form of large scale advertising it must be proven to be effective. At Pakanawa® we must consider all angles of the media and come to a conclusion about advertising.What sort of advertising should you use?By far the most far reaching of these strategies is Television advertising. A large amount of people watch TV and this type of advertising will reach many social groups. Although this type of advertising is very expensive and even more so during peak times, TV advertising should be seen by the masses and encouraging a lot of new customers, so in time, TV advertising will pay for itself. This will prove to be a very effective form of advertising media and should be adopted in the Pakanawa situation. To boost sales even more, and to prolong the life of the Pakanawa product line, another form of advertising should be taken aboard. Newspaper advertising would also be a good idea. Newspaper advertising would reach another section of the consumer market and would also be very effective in the right...

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