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Report On Characteristics And Consequences Of An Aging Population

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Report on Characteristics and Consequences of an Aging Population

An ageing population is a population that, for a number of reasons, is
collectively and gradually growing older. The main reasons for this
are falling birth rates while death rates remain static. An ageing
population can, however, have severe consequences for a country, which
will be described below.

In this report, the characteristics and consequences of an ageing
population will be described using specific case studies on a world,
and regional scale. Areas where population is ageing will be shown
and reasons why the population is ageing in these areas will be

What are the Characteristics of an Ageing Population?

An ageing population is a population that is growing older. I other
words more people are growing old (old is defined as anyone over 65
years of age), then babies are being born, resulting in a net increase
of the average age of a person living in that country. Therefore
generally countries with an ageing population have a low death rate
(and consequently a high life expectancy) and a similarly low
(sometimes even lower) birth rate, which results in the
area/country/region having an extremely low natural increase, with, in
some more extreme cases a natural decrease.

In other words an ageing population can be described by a simple
formula: -

Fewer babies born + People living for longer = a higher percentage of
elderly people.

Where has it Occurred and Why

Generally, the MEDC’s of he western world tend to be prone to ageing
populations whereas as the LEDC’s of Africa and parts of Asia are the
opposite, with these have an increasingly young populations.

These trends can be explained accurately using the Demographic
transition model. The areas where there is an ageing population such
as Europe, the USA, Japan and Russia for example, are all in stage 4
of the Demographic transition model, where are low death rates, and
therefore a high life expectancy, but also low birth rates which are
sometimes even lower than death rates, with this resulting in an
ageing population, which is described under the previous heading.

Conversely, the areas with young population (Africa and parts of Asia
etc) are all either in stage 1 or stage 2, in some cases early stage 3
of the Demographic transition model where there are fallen death rates
and consistently high birth rate with this resulting in an
increasingly young population.

Ageing Population- International Case Studies

The UK - The population of the UK is in the process of ageing. This
is due to, as mentioned above, the low death rate and consequent high
life expectancy of the UK and low, decreasing birth. This results in
the population pyramid of the UK being fairly top and middle heavy,
with the base of the pyramid...

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