Report On Child Protection & Welfare As A Community Based Social Worker

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Report On Child Protection & Welfare As A Community Based Social WorkerIntroductionThis report explores child protection and welfare as one of the many subsectors of social work practice, and understand the manner in which the trend have defined it. The programs for child protection and welfare have varied widely dependent on the kind of community one has come from, and the most recent trends are to be examined by taking into consideration a certain section of the community (Parton, 2007). This report considered a wide range of views from scholars to examine all the different aspects of the issue. Though in each context of practise, there are different kinds of challenges, these also become the sources for opportunities. To have an all rounded discussion, I also looked at the kind of opportunities that exist that could be exploited.TrendThe recent major trend in this subsector has been that a number of changes were implemented across child protection and welfare systems. These have been supported largely by the enactments of the new child protection legislations. One is informed mainly by the research programs implemented in states such as the UK and their Department of Health as well as coordinated by the Dartington Social Research Unit at the University of Bristol (Forrester & Hughes, 2008). In such case, child protection and welfare has seen the shift in the manner and practice going away from the restrictive and narrowly defined investigations approach to include the assessments of the broader contexts of the child as well as family that looks into wider needs, the strengths or resources, as well as the kind of relationships had with both the formal and the informal supportive services and networks (Forrester & Hughes, 2008).CommunityChallenge: Complex needsThe community level in the context of social work practice is a consideration of the social demographics, community characteristics, as well as the manner in which how people live their lives.In recent times the child protection and welfare system has faced multiple challenges in rendering service as well as supporting both the families and the children placed in its charge. According to Healy (2004), the child welfare work and caseloads did grow substantially right through the 1980s and 1990s. In so speaking, the families as well as children that come to be attended by the child protection and welfare agencies do present some complex needs that require that they be provided with multiple services. The fact remains that the child protection and welfare agencies never have control or influence over, all such services they need (Pecora, 2011). Recent approaches have been the development of inter-organizational relations with the private for-profit agencies, some private nonprofit agencies, as well as service systems that ensure there is...

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