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Report On Consumer Behaviour Using Motorbike Segment In India As Reference

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Motorcycles have become an indispensable part of our lives, an extension of the human body that provides us faster, cheaper and more convenient mobility every passing day. Behind this betterment go the efforts of those in the industry, in the form of improvement through technological research. A bike has different meanings for different persons, a college goer associates it with power and styling on the other hand a middle-aged professional finds value in a bike while going daily to his work-place. We have carried out this research to find out the opinions, requirements, likes and dislikes of those who use these bikes to have a insight how a consumer decides on his/her preferences.SURVEY OBJECTIVESA.To understand and identify unfulfilled needs and wants of the customers, define and measure their magnitude.B.To analyze needs, identify opportunities, and create value-rich offers for target customer groups that competitors cannot match.C.To apply components of social psychology, sociology, and cultural anthropology and link them to consumer behavior.D.To identify and understand customer needs and create solutions that satisfies the customers and produces a profit for the shareholders.E.To evaluate marketing symbolism, semiotics, motivation, consumer involvement, learning and memory, distinctions among types of reinforcement.F.To acknowledge the role of culture: the specific learned norms of a society based on attitudes, values, beliefs, and frameworks for processing information and tasks.RESEARCH PLANWe have collected fresh data from 11 bikes users who had different educational background and belonging to different socio-economic stratum using the survey research approach. A set of 25 questions was used as research instrument and personal interviews were conducted collect the data about the bike consumer behavior. The buying behavior of the consumers can be explained using the Lens Model.The consumer's preferences of a products depends on his perceptions about the various products, these perceptions are developed overtime based on the product features like style, mileage, low maintenance costs, product information that the consumer receives from the friends, relatives and websites. The perceptions of the products is also be influenced by the psycho-social cues like the economic background of the consumer, need of the product and demographics of the area of the consumer. The choice of the consumer is dependent on the preferences, availability and price of the product.Based on the above model, the target customers can be segmented and determine the needs of each of the segment or the target segment and analyze the needs of these consumers. Based on the socio-economic conditions of the consumers and the purpose of the product, the needs of the bike consumer can be put in to 3 categories, they are1)Social Needs2)Esteem Needs3)Self-Actualization NeedsANALYSISTo determine the preferences of a bike customer, we interviewed 11 people belonging to different...

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