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Report On, Deception Point By Dan Brown

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Title: Deception PointYear of Publication: 2002Author: Dan BrownPublisher: Corgi BooksPlace of Publication: Great BritainText type: NovelSummary: Deception Point by Dan Brown is about a NASA discovery that has implications for the up and coming American election and for the team of scientists that are examining the find. The NASA satellite PODS discovered a meteorite containing fossils believed to be evidence of extra terrestrial life buried deep in the Artic ice. This meteorite is very important to the White House because they are fighting a loosing battle against Senator Sexton in the election. Senator Sexton has the political edge as he is campaigning against NASA and saying that the President should not be financially supporting them; the money should go to the American people instead of being wasted on a space program that is failing mission after mission. The President, in doubt that the world would believe that NASA found the meteorite put together and sent a team of civilian scientist. This team would confirm and document the existence of the meteorite and the fossils. Included in the team is the daughter of the Senator, Rachel Sexton and a well loved scientific face, Michael Tolland. The team discovers that the meteorite had been planted in the ice and that it was a make believe meteorite but before they can make their findings known their lives are threatened. There only hope for survival is finding out who is the mastermind behind the plan. They discover that Rachel's boss, William Pickering planted the so called meteorite so that NASA could get a victory and so that the Senator would lose in the election. In one final struggle for their lives Rachel and Michael managed to inform the President and in doing so tell the world.How does the writer encourage the reader to respond to a character or idea in the text? Dan Brown is a clever author who likes to mislead the reader about who or what a character is. In Deception Point the man behind the bold deception is Rachel Sexton's boss William Pickering. William Pickering is the director of NRO (National Reconnaissance office) an American security agency that gathers secret intel from all around the world. Dan Brown's first description of William Pickering was 'a brilliant strategist and the model of efficiency, he did his duty with a selfish patriotism.' (pg31) Throughout the novel Dan Brown builds up Pickering's character as being a loyal and selfish officer of the United States making his character seem larger than life. Brown shows Pickering's nature through the descriptions of the protagonist, Rachel Sexton. Brown establishes Pickering as nice guy through Rachel's description of him as a father figure, someone who she looks up to. 'Rachel sensed a protective aura from the director that she often longed for in her own father.' (pg34). Dan Brown built Pickering up so that the audience would never suspect that he was in fact that one causing all the problems. That was Dan Brown's biggest...

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