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Report On A Group Research Project

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Report on a Group Research Project


In an age of information, people have an increasing number of options
to access media for entertainment and information. Yet radio remains
to be one of the most accessible and cost-effective conventional
media, especially for people with limited financial resources such as
university students. However, according to the cursory observation of
the researchers of this project, the radio listening patterns of and
their effects on university students have not been adequately
addressed. Therefore, this research project attempts to look into both
the radio listening habits and music acquisition behaviors of students
in Stirling University and, where possible, to identify the
co-relation between the two sets of behavioral patterns. The findings
of the research provide fairly clear patterns on both the radio
listening and music acquisition behaviors with some definite
co-relations between them. As an empirical research assignment of the
Media Research Methods course, another purpose for this project is to
utilize and test the basic research techniques that the researchers
have learnt in class so as to pave the way for their future academic
researches. Therefore, the last section of this report is devoted to
the reflections on the project in different perspectives.


The research has been conducted in a form of a series of
questionnaire-guided one-on-one interviews of Stirling University
students on both campus and students residences. The planned sample
size is 100 with a balanced gender make-up. Taking into consideration
the factor of cultural proximity and comparability in radio listening
and music acquisition, the interviews are targeted mainly at UK
students and some international students from other EU countries as
well as North America. The research has not adopted the method of
self-administered survey because the rather small sample size requires
high validity of the feedback in each sample, which is prone to be
undermined by the possible ambiguities in the case of survey
questionnaires. Whereas, in one-on-one interviews, should any
ambiguity occur, interviewers can provide interviewees with timely
explanations and instructions to ensure that they do not give answers
on the basis of their own interpretations of the questions.

The interview questions are designed as two types: structured
questions with singular and multiple-choice answers and unstructured
open-ended questions allowing interviewees to give rather detailed
account of their individual radio-listening habits and music-acquiring
behaviours. The former type aims at collecting quantitative data and
the latter, qualitative.(how to analyse) The 21 interview questions
are categorized into three major sections, i.e. demographic make-up,

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