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Gone With the WindGone with the wind is one of best novel I have ever read. It is also in my opinion the greatest love story ever written. It is set during the American civil war in which the Southern states (the Confederacy) tried to free themselves from the northern states.The main character of this story was the beautiful Scarlett O'Hara. Her father, Gerald O'Hara was an old Irishman who owned a big cotton plantation named Tara. He also owned many slaves who worked for him. Scarlett's mother was Ellen O'Hara and she was one of the kindest and most respected ladies in the county. All her life, Scarlett O'Hara wanted to be like her mother Ellen. The O'Haras neighbors included the Wilkeses, the Tarletons, and the Calverts.As Scarlett was the most beautiful girl in the whole county, she had many more beaus than any other girl in the county. Almost all the boys in the county were in love with her. But the Tarleton twins, whom Scarlett enjoyed spending time with, were madly and deeply in love with her. The only problem though was that Scarlett didn't love them. Instead she was madly in love with Ashley Wilkes, her neighbor. She believed that Ashley Wilkes and her were meant to be together and neither the coming civil war nor the Tarleton twins were going to change that.But then, Scarlett learned from the twins that the love of her life Ashley was going to marry his cousin Melanie Hamilton. She could hardly believe this and deep depression abruptly took the better part of her. Luckily, the Wilkeses organized a barbecue in which they were going to announce Ashley Wilkes engagement to his cousin. Scarlett planned to tell Ashley that she loved him and he would propose to her and forget all about his cousin Melanie and then maybe they would elope.But at the Wilkes' barbecue, her plan didn't succeed. Ashley told her that he loved his cousin Melanie because they were alike blood wise and in many other ways. Now, they decided to do their secret talk in the library since they didn't want to be heard by others. After they had finished their talk Ashley had left, and Scarlett started crying. Then from the back of the library, a man appeared, with an evil smile on his face. Scarlett knew that he had been listening to their conversation. His name was Rhett Butler and Scarlett told him that he was no gentleman and she was surprised to hear that she was no lady.Then To make Ashley Wilkes feel jealous, Scarlett married the timid and shy Charles Hamilton who was Melanie brother. Every boy who was in love with Scarlett was furious and even the Tarletons twins swore to kill Charles. Then the war started, and before all the men went to the war, Scarlett married Charles and Melanie married Ashley on the...

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783 words - 4 pages Gone With the Wind The classic movie Gone with the Wind is a love story that takes place during the Civil War and was made in 1939. The character, Scarlet O’Hara (Vivien Leigh) is the heroine in the film whose family owns a plantation in Georgia. She loves the attention from all of the gentlemen but has fallen in love with Ashley Wilkes (Leslie Howard) who is marrying his cousin Melanie Wilkes (Olivia de Havilard). Everyone attends the annual

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786 words - 3 pages Since its publication in 1936,Gone with the Wind became and remains one of the most popular novels of all time. It received the 1937 Pulitzer Prize. And the film version of it released in 1939 stands as one of the most magnificent accomplishment in American filmmaking. The story, and the characters have become a part of American cultural heritage. Here I would like to give a brief review of this splendid legend.1, AuthorIts writer, Margaret

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969 words - 4 pages Popularity of Gone With the Wind Margaret Mitchell's romantic epic, Gone With the Wind, owes its remarkable popularity to the climate of sudden self-destruction and dreariness the Depression created. The Old South's grandeur, coupled with its Civil War-era decadence, provided much-needed escapism for readers, as well as paralleling the U.S.'s own plight in the 20s and 30s. In addition, Scarlett O'Hara's feminist role, her devotion to

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836 words - 3 pages Atlanta, GeorgiaA Great MovieGone With the Wind is a wonderful movie its story line is spectacular and easy to follow. The characters really bring the movie to life and make you actually feel as if you are there with them. It's setting is absolutely gorgeous. It has won a few academy awards and still is a classic and enjoyed by many people around the world.Gone With the Wind is about a Woman who has to face several hardships in her life. She

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1444 words - 6 pages Melanie Wilkes:A Paragon of Loyalty, Courage, and KindnessMargaret Mitchell?s epic novel Gone with the Wind chronicles the drastic changes imposed on Southern society and civilization by the Civil War. The heroine, Scarlett O?Hara, sees her home and position in society destroyed but struggles to adapt to the demands of war-torn Georgia. She marries Rhett Butler, a dashing blockade runner, but clings to a romantic obsession for Ashley Wilkes

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1071 words - 5 pages ow what my parents are dead thanks to you I hate you as archive ran into the closet and locked himself in it for 100 years years but finally on his 112 birthday became out everything that was gone that he last remember every year since his parents deaf he would stand over his grave to honor all that they have done for him when they still were alive q year before the chosen one has can out the chosen one was gone vanished leaving no trail no ever know what happened to him if I where you I would watch out you never know what might happen

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1284 words - 5 pages and scientific advancement. The play begins with a humorous scene between a young boy, Howard, who is collecting worms for fish bait, and a girl named Melinda, who finds worms to be disgusting. Howard taunts Melinda that she is a descendent of a worm and that her father is a monkey. Melinda is horrified by his sinful talk. These two young characters represent both sides of the argument that will soon take place inside the courtroom

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1226 words - 5 pages and scientific advancement. The play begins with a humorous scene between a young boy, Howard, who is collecting worms for fish bait, and a girl named Melinda, who finds worms to be disgusting. Howard taunts Melinda that she is a descendent of a worm and that her father is a monkey. Melinda is horrified by his sinful talk. These two young characters represent both sides of the argument that will soon take place inside the courtroom

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2908 words - 12 pages loved a man whom didn't love her. She had loved Ashley Wilkes, and thrice she destroyed her marriages for his sakes, all in the name of love. A love that didn't exist, a love that she created herself and never got t enjoy her creation not even a bit, what a waste it was. Margaret Mitchel was a genius author and I was so sorry when I read gone with the wind for the second time, I will never be able to read it for as the second time, only a third

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1944 words - 8 pages released the novel had surpassed one half million copies sold. Additional records were set when the movie had its first air date on television in two parts in 1976. It was restored and released in theaters in 1998. The title of the novel was derived from the first line of the third stanza of the poem Non Mum Qualist eram Bonae Sub Regno Cynarae. "I have forgot much, Cyanara! gone with the wind." It is a line used by the novel's heroine when

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1074 words - 5 pages of Gone with the Wind. Slavery, racial symbolism, social commentary, feminist undertones, the list goes on forever. To address the litany of social issues in the story would fill a book twice as long as the original work. Mitchell made her point on so many issues and themes with a timeless story that is entertaining on the surface with deep provoking moral dilemmas that bring an insider’s perspective to the antebellum south. For a Great-great

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1045 words - 4 pages Gone With the Wind The novel being summarized is titled Gone with the Wind, written by Margaret Mitchell. It was published in 1936, after it took her seven years to write, and won a Pulitzer Prize in 1937. Gone with the Wind was the only book Ms. Mitchell wrote and is an American Classic. Gone with the Wind was a story of men and women living in the south during the war between the states and of the south’s transformation after the war