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How did the book make you feel and what did you think about as you read it? Were you secure in your feelings or uneasy about them? Explain.While I sat back and read this book feelings in me became more and more evident as I went on in my reading. I am no where near "ok" with any type of racism and all of the things that happened to John upset me in the deepest fashion. It truly touched me and angered me at the same time. It makes me want to know this wonderful man. To be a relative, to be his friend, and to of helped him somehow in his conquest. I feel that if I were alive then, whether I was Black, White, Asian, or a Purple People Eater, I would have done something to help him in some fashion. I think that I am more of a leader than a follower… more of an activist. I stand for my rights as well as other people's rights.I was very secure in my feelings through the book in that I was brought up to have an open mind about others racial backgrounds as well as my own. The whole concept of someone disliking someone else due to a racial difference baffles me. Differences between people are the one thing that holds are species together. We embrace it, but yet use it to discriminate, separate, and emotionally destroy others.In Black Like Me, John was a white man that stepped into the dark dismal life of a black man in the Southern region of the United States. He thought that he had prepared for it but nothing could prepare him for the hard life of desperation, lewd and ludicrous comments, aw well as hate stares that had no basis for even existing except for pure ignorance.When contemplating over what I would do in the various situations that he encountered in his travels throughout the south, I realized that I would have been murdered due to a lack of respect for anyone who had a lack of respect to me. I would have psychologically snapped on someone somewhere along the line and lost control. I like to debate over things with others and argue my point until it is at least seen why I feel the way that I do, even if the person(s) so not feel the same way as I do.I feel as if sitting back and letting bigotry and hatred hover over people like a rain cloud waiting to explode into a monsoon is worse than saying all the snide remarks that kill a mans good heart. No man should have to be put under such harsh ridicule simply for being born with his parent's heritage. Under no circumstances is it morally right to purposely, repeatedly, bash someone for something, anything, never mind something that they cannot control or change.This world evolved form one-celled organisms to forests with dinosaurs. Nature has changed to accommodate our arrival, is there any reason why we cannot accommodate to live and be happy with what nature is handing to us… each other? When you get down to the bare basics, the human race as a whole is a family. Families need to learn, love and aide each other when in need, not knock them down.Supposedly we are the most advanced,...

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