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Report On Java Script And Its Association With Multimedia

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Report: JavaScriptSurf the Internet and you'll most likely run into popups, alert boxes, rollover images, popups, buttons, interactive websites, and some more popups. These 'things' or as they are more formally known, 'Dynamic Objects' use a special computer scripting language to execute. This computer scripting language is called JavaScript.JavaScript is a scripting language that allows a web designer to add interactivity to web pages.Most programmers refer to JavaScript as a 'Cross PlatformObject based Scripting Language'. This jargon is better understood by analysing each word in the sentence.Cross PlatformPlatform, in computer jargon, refers to the operating system, which a computer runs on. Examples include the ever-popular Windows and Mac operating systems (MacOS). Less popular (but just as, if not better) Operating systems include: Linux, Unix, BeOS, as well as many others. What is meant when referring to JavaScript, as 'Cross Platform' is that it is able to run and produce consistent results on a wide variety of operating systems using the same code.The Cross platform aspect of JavaScript is the main reason for its popularity in the multimedia/computing industry as it allows people with different operating systems to view and use the same script without compatibility issues. If it weren't for JavaScript's cross-platform aspect, it would not be as useful as it is. Just think about how cumbersome it would be to develop the same script over and over for each operating system in existence. The main 'goal' of the creators of JavaScript was to make it cross-platform compatible. This being a key factor in JavaScript's success, without it, JavaScript wouldn't have been as appealing as it is to web designers - who strive to reach the widest audience possible.Object-basedObject, is a commonly used word in the programming industry. It specifically refers to a programming language that uses objects to manipulate its data and produce output. One such scripting language is JavaScript. The best way to understand objects is by example. JavaScript uses objects, such as images, buttons and alert boxes. Each object has properties: an image for example has a property of width, height and pixel density. A button has properties of colour, shape and sometimes, sound. A more 'down to Earth' example is a car; a car is an object, it has properties such as red colour, 4 doors, etc. In JavaScript, when you insert a button, you are inserting an object and assigning that button a link, you are adjusting its properties. In short an object is a 'thing'Scripting LanguageJavaScript is a scripting language. The difference between a scripting language and a programming language is sometimes mistaken. A scripting language requires another program to run in, in order for its code to be executed and processed into the image or alert box that the user sees on their screen. In the case of JavaScript, this program is called a browser, the same thing a user uses to access...

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