Report On Leisure Facilities In The Pontypridd Area

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Report On Leisure Facilities In the Pontypridd Area

This report is complied with data collected by interviews and
observations made between the 1st January 2003 and the 28th February

Report on: information regarding leisure opportunities available to
young people in


Report to: The Welsh Assembly Government.

Report from: Coedylan Comprehensive School Council.


This report has been complied in response to a request from The Welsh
Assembly Government (WAG) to gather information regarding the leisure
facilities available to young people in different parts of Wales. The
intention of this report is to give the WAG details, information and
also recommendations to improve the Leisure Facilities on offer in the
Pontypridd area. It is given from the under 18 years of age
perspective. It is hoped that this will help to encourage extra
funding for such facilities in Pontypridd.

Main Findings

Sport and Leisure

It was felt unanimously by the school council that there is a definite
lack of sports facilities in the Pontypridd and surrounding areas. By
the lack of sports opportunities, young people are not encouraged to
take regular exercise. With the rising obesity levels in young people,
reported on by both the U.K. Government and WAG, this will surely have
an impact on their future health.

In the town of Pontypridd, including the areas of Maesycoed,
Hopkinstown, Glyncoch and Cilfynydd there are no leisure centres. The
closest being Hawthorn (approximately three miles from Pontypridd
centre) Abercynon (approx six miles from Pontypridd) and Llantrisant
(approx nine miles from Pontypridd), which show that sports/leisure
facilities are not readily available, not only to young people but
also to older residents. For a catchment area with a population of
approximately 30000, this is unacceptable.

However, in these few Leisure Centres it was felt that the general
quality of their service is very good. Gymnasiums are up to-date and
well resourced with appropriate equipment. Their swimming pools are
clean and there are ranges of activities for young people to
participate in, such as Squash, Badminton, 5 a side Football, Judo and
Gymnastics to name but a few. There is no problem with the cleanliness
or adequacy of the equipment.

There is however a problem with the cost of these leisure facilities.
It can cost up to £3 for admission before taking part in any of the
activities on offer. Under 14's are not allowed to use the gymnasium
equipment and in addition there is an inadequacy of public transport
to these leisure centres from all areas of Pontypridd. Buses are
infrequent, likewise the trains, making it inaccessible for young
people who are particularly dependent on public transport.


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