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Report On Local Or National Provision Of Arts And Entertainment

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Contents PageContext of the page Page numberIntroduction 3What is ART? and What is ENTERTAINMENT? 4The operation of different types of venues· The National Art Gallery 5· BA London Eye 6 - 7The influence of financial practice· The National Art Gallery 8 - 9· BA London Eye 9 - 10The management of different types of venues· The National Art Gallery 11· BA London Eye 12Explain the needs of audience and productionpersonnel· The National Art Gallery 13· BA London Eye 14Public Relations and Advertising within theorganisations· The National Art Gallery 15· BA London Eye 16Conclusion 17Bibliography 18Appendix 19IntroductionIn this assignment I have been asked to produce a report that focuses on the provision of either local or national, Art and Entertainment venues. Within in this assignment I have been asked to explain my report in terms of;-· The range of activities offered by sectors of the industry· The influence of financial practice· The management and operation of different types of venuesThe British Isles is home to many historic and modern art and entertainment venues. In order for me to be able to produce a report showing the difference between two major sites I felt that it would be appropriate to use the capital of England.The reason I have chosen the follow venues is because they are situated on different sides of the river and they both have different financial backgrounds and reasons for operation. My venues are; -1. The National Art Gallery2. BA London EyeI shall be in contacted with both venues via their websites and is ART?Art has been given various definitions,· 'Practical skill / application, guided by principles, human skills and agency, application of skill to produce beauty'3· 'Quality, style, ceremony, formal, poetic' 3· 'The arts are the skills and styles that contribute to the making of the Entrainment Industry' 4Art is perceived as a form of pleasure for the public to enjoy at little to low cost. Examples of these are Ballet, Opera and Classical Music. It is a form that requires little training or financial input to produce.What is ENTERTAINMENT?Entertainment has also been given various definitions,· 'The act of entertaining, the reception of and provision for guests, hospitality at the table, something that entertains or amuses' Chambers 1998 p539Entertainment is the opposite to the above because it is a pleasure brought to the general public at a cost, time and money has been put into producing a musical, play, movie etc. Entertainment involves possibly loud music, dance, show performances etc. The following is a published definition of arts and entertainment 5; -The operation of different types of venuesNational Art Gallery - 'The National Gallery's permanent collection spans the period from about 1250 to 1900 and consists of Western European...

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