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Report On Nokia And Sony, International Hr Management

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What markets are they targeting?What products and services are they offering?What new markets are they entering?Sony, one of the worlds leading brands for the electrical appliance market currently holds their headquarters in Tokyo Japan. Sony currently is one of the worlds biggest organisations for manufacturing audio, IT products as wells Visual electrical appliance to service and cater both the public and commercial markets. There are currently 928 consolidated Sony subsidiaries operating around the world. With their annual sales reaching $67 billion US Dollars in 2005, they employ over 150 000 people world wide.In meeting the demand of the general public, Sony has many products that keep their customers loyal as well as understanding that "you pay for what you get". Sony is known for their quality upon the design of their products, from a wide variety ranging from Home theatre systems to personal walkmans, currently known as MP3 players. Sony. Sony also has a 50% share in a music label know as Sony BMG with many musical artists attached to them. With the consistent growth of Sony, they will consistently remain innovative to keep the market competitive. For example, Playstation, one of Sony's biggest selling consoles. From the success of this gaming console, Sony have upgraded the Playstation console to PS2 (Playstation 2) as well as the PSP (Playstation Portable). With such innovative product development, Sony will always keep focus on the market demand to continue at their current position as the leader in their market.Although Sony is known for their advance technology range, they also are adapting to other strategies for expansion such as the new Sony Credit Card, as a standard VISA card like most other credit cards offer, Sony allow users of their credit card the bonus of generating Sony points in redeeming Sony products. This example shows the consistency of expansion of their organisation.Nokia, the worlds leading cell phone industry, is currently holds their Headquarters in Finland. Nokia supplies their products in over 8 regions around the world, these regions consist of;* North America* Latin America* Europe* Middle East and North Africa* Asia Pacific* Greater China* [gathered from]According to Jorma Ollila, the chairman and CEO of Nokia, their business is driven from responsible business []. Not only do Nokia focus on their business with their mobile technology, but they also go beyond their task in helping the community. These tasks include investing in the community through social or environmental programs.Nokia have designed hundreds of different model mobiles to cater the markets desires as a mobile phone. Mobile phones were first designed to call from one person to another without the hassle of having a landline, from that day onwards, Nokia have innovated and upgraded their handsets to include other features such as digital camera and camcorder functions, digital walkman (mp3...

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