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Report On Strategies For Overcoming Negative Publicity Of Flight Mh370

1930 words - 8 pages

Report on Strategies for Overcoming Negative Publicity of Flight MH370


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Melbourne 3000

Dear Sir/Madam,
This is the report in accordance to your request regarding strategies to prevent or minimize customer and relative belief against Malaysian airline as a result of missing Flight MH370.
Our group has paid detailed attention to each of positive and negative issues that arose after the accident happen and reaction of Malaysia airline during the search mission.
Further, reports include some key strategies to follow up and collective evidence data of relatives of missing family members.


Requested by management of Malaysian airlines at Australian sub-continent this is the business report of including some of positive strategies to overcome the negative believes or ideas against Malaysian airline after the most curiosities disappearance of MH70 .Before we have enter to the topic, an attempt of brief background is delivered by our dedicated group members. Furthermore the following topics contain briefly and descriptively an accordance to fulfill our task.
a) Background to the issue
This is a brief description about the subject disaster and it’s overlook from our expert knowledge and some collective data from expert’s articles.
b) Key findings Including positive and negative
An attempt of collection of highlighted information about missing flight and also research operational missions. We have divided this section to two main parts and tried our best effort to balance both parts equally.
c) Successful crisis strategies
This is most valuable section of the full contain. We have added some expert’s solutions as strategies to overcome the controversial issue amongst the people and relatives.
d) An evidence from relatives
The interview with one of relative of missing passenger is brought forward by us to conclude with the real thoughts that they are suffering.

Key objective of the report
To submit positive ambition and avoid the negative impacts against to Mh370 and Malaysian airline its act after the crisis.

Table of Contents
4​Positive information​6
5​Negative information​7
6​Strategy for balancing respect for the families with commercial realities​8

Following report is an attempt of to minimize the negative impact of people or relatives who have flown in MH70 on 08 March 2014 as it was disappeared from our planet and almost nearly 50 days after still we are not received any good news by researching groups. As a mysterious disaster we will...

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