Report On The 1980 Election.

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Our forefathers made considerations so that America would never be engulfed in a monarchy or totalitarian government. With much foresight, a checks and balances system was instilled as well as many other justice preserving institutions. Most important was the process of electing officials. Americans have the responsibility of electing one of the most significant leaders in their country and in the world.In 1979, America was hardly the country that our forefathers pictured. These times can be compared to the industrial revolution where the rich got richer and the poor got laid off. Unemployment continued to rise almost as much as inflation. The American people were cynical. Voters remembered the Watergate scandal vividly and had little faith in their government officials. The citizens of America looked impassively to President Jimmy Carter to restrain the rising inflation and unemployment rates. If the citizens had any expectations, they were unjustly disappointed.With the thoughts of the frustrated American people in mind, the primaries for the 1980 presidential election began. Presidential elections unofficially begin one year before the national convention and about eight months before the delegates are selected. An election is one of America's distinguishing marks of democracy. Even during peaceful times the election invokes each citizen to decide what changes are needed through the candidate they select. A presidential election not only consists of one national election, but it is actually a total of fifty-one elections, and the choosing of 538 electors. The election of 1980 is considered a landmark for the longest campaign, most primaries, most media involved, and volatile voters. All these factors led to steadfast conclusions, that may or may not have held any truth.The Republican Primary had three candidates with a significant holding. They were Ronald Reagan, John B. Anderson, and George Bush. Ronald Reagan was an actor turned California governor who had a way with his people. During the 1976 primaries Reagan had hoped to get a presidential nomination, but he could not beat out incumbent Gerald Ford. It was almost decided ahead of time that this charismatic leader was going to be the republican nominee. Putting that assumption aside, John B. Anderson, a Illinois senator, wanted to campaign for the Republican nomination. Another contender who was less favored in the polls than both Reagan and Anderson was George Bush, former governor of Texas. Other Republicans seeking the presidential nomination were Philip Crane, Howard Baker, Robert Dole and John Connally. These men were by no means were bad leaders. They held substantial political jobs such as minority leader of the senate, chairman of the Republican National Party, and yet another governor of Texas. This is just an example that sometimes the best qualified candidate in the party does not always get elected due to outside reasons.Despite the competence of the other runners for the...

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