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Report On The Career Of A Beauty Therapist

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1.1. Definition …. 1

1.2. Description …. 1

1.3. Aims …. 1


2.1. History …. 1-2

2.2. Qualifications/Skills/Requirements ….2-3

2.3. Salary and Wages …. 3

2.4. Prospects …. 3





1.1. Definition

A Beauty Therapists job is to apply face and body treatments and advice on skin care.

1.2. Description

A Beauty Therapist is someone whose job is to perform treatments to improve a person’s appearance and perform tasks such as facials, manicures, removal of unwanted hair, applying ...view middle of the document...

They also wore a white powder for foundation that contained lead and would destroy their complexion and in some cases kill them.

In northern Europe in the 15th century upper-class women would very painfully pluck their hairline back to make their foreheads look higher, then they would scrape their hair back and put it under an elaborate headdress.

Nail Polish:
Nail polish has been tracked back to being around since at least 3000 BC. The Chinese people found ways to use gum arabic, egg whites, gelatine, and bees wax to make varnishes and lacquers for nails.
Egyptians used henna to stain their fingernails.
Nail colour also represented social class. During the Chou Dynasty in 600 BC, gold and silver were the royal colours. Later in history, royalty started wearing black or red nail polish, lower class women were only permitted to wear pale tones so if they wore the royal colours they were punished by death.

2.2. Qualifications/ Requirements

• Must have completed year 10 as a minimum
• Certificate III in beauty services
• Or certificate IV in beauty therapy
• Or a diploma of beauty
• Or private beauty therapy college
• Or an apprenticeship

Key Skills

• A friendly and welcoming manner.
• The ability to put clients at ease.
• Tact, diplomacy and the ability to listen and communicate well.
• The ability to explain procedures clearly to clients.
• Commercial awareness and the ability to sell products and earn commission.
• A high standard of personal hygiene and grooming.
• Enough stamina to be on your feet for most of the day.
• An artistic flair for applying nail art and makeup
• Attention to detail

2.3. Salary and wages

Starting salary is $35,000 P.A.
Senior salary is $ 49,500 P.A.
Average salary is $ 40,000 P.A.

Wages in this...

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