Report On 'the Ice Epidemic'

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1.PurposeThe purpose of this current events program is to record informative evidence and explain about the Ice Epidemic. To inform us that Ice is taking over as one of the most popular drugs. To let the viewer know about the extreme addictiveness of this readily available drug called Ice. The segment contains information on how Ice is destroying the lives of users young and old. This segment on the dangerous drug Ice is mainly to convince teenagers not to take it and particularly emphasizes the harsh reality of usage.The segment is designed to shock the viewer into thinking more about the dangers of taking the drug Ice themselves and the effects on those associated with the user. It uses degrading footage of a person high on Ice and shows a couple who take Ice on a regular basis as a lifestyle choice. They choose to show this to arouse feelings of disgust and pity amongst the audience. The show also uses interviews of a young woman whose life seemed so fruitful until she tried Ice. They show this footage to explain different aspects of addiction and also to link the segment together. Finally to push the message home 60 minutes show a young woman (Melanie Boyd) who died after using this vicious drug only once.2.Target AudienceThis segment is especially designed to target and draw in mothers, fathers and teenagers. Parents don't want their children to try it and wish to know more in order to prevent that ever happening and the episode tells them of the dangers, statistics, and hotspots associated in locating this drug. Teenagers are also majorly targeted as they are the most at risk. The episode focuses on providing information and a warning to those who view it.3.Structure- Explain the purpose and presentation of the lead.The reporter Liam Barton begins talking. He introduces us to the topic and tells us a little about Blair Richards who as a young woman of seventeen with such a full prospering life ahead of her tried the brutal drug ice and destroyed it. The reporter then goes on to tell the audience a little about where Blair lives and when she first tried ice. As well as some of the symptoms which then braches out into the bulk of the evidence, statistics and factual information.Most current events programs and news reports begin with a lead. The purpose to starting off with a lead is to introduce the subject and main points. In the segment 'The Ice Epidemic' the program starts out with Liam Barton the investigative reporter presenting a brief introduction.4.Suggest reasons for the division of Blair Richards interview into numerous segmentsThe division of the interview would have helped the producers to lead on examples of specific points which they wish to emphasize.The segment must be broken up so it is not a solid block of dialogue as that will not hold the interest of the viewers and will not combine with all the other examples presented in the piece.5.Suggest reasons for using stills at different parts of the film.The stills present a...

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