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Report On The Viability Of The Isle Of Arran As A Destination For Short Breaks.

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REPORT ONTHEVIABILITY OFARRANAS A DESTINATIONFOR SHORT BREAKSThis is a profile of Arran in terms of what it can offer to our clients for three or four day breaks.Often referred to as 'Scotland in Miniature', the Isle of Arran within a short compass captures many aspects of the beauty of Scotland as a whole, from towering granite peaks inviting hill walkers and climbers to peaceful sandy bays overlooked by palm trees growing in the warm climate of The Gulf Stream. The wildlife is outstanding, with deer, pheasant, otter and eagle readily seen in the mountains. There are over 100 species of birds. There are colonies of seals near coastal caves, trails and pathways to mysterious Bronze Age Stone Circles, and many relaxing angling hours to be enjoyed by streams or sea. 7 challenging golf courses tempt the golfer, whilst history and heritage is catered for at Brodick Castle and various museums.TABLE OF CONTENTS.INCOME4A BRIEF VIEW OF ACTIVITIES ON ARRAN.5TRAVEL7TRANSPORT.8ACCOMODATION.9CLIMATE.9FOOD.10SOME SHORT ITINERARIES11CONCLUSION.12BIBLIOGRAPHY.12INCOMEWe have 2 types of client at SeeScotland, personal and corporate. Below are details of the split and the amount of money generated annually by their subscriptions.A BRIEF VIEW OF ACTIVITIES ON ARRAN.BRODICK CASTLEA stronghold of some kind has occupied this site since the fifth century, when an ancient Irish tribe came over and founded the kingdom of Dalriada. It was probably destroyed and rebuilt many times during its turbulent history. In 1503 James IV granted the castle and the Earldom of Arran to his cousin, Lord Hamilton. That structure was demolished in 1544. Parts of the present castle date from the 1588 during the ownership of the 2nd Earl of Arran who was the guardian and regent of Queen Mary.As the home of the Dukes of Hamilton, the castle was occupied by Cromwellian troops after the first Duke was executed during the Civil War in 1648 and the second died in battle just three years later. Brodick Castle eventually passed into the hands of Mary, Duchess of Montrose (daughter of the 12th Duke of Hamilton) who revitalised the gardens. Inside are paintings, porcelain and furniture from the various owners. It is also home to the art collection of 18th century author William Beckford of Fonthill whose daughter married the 10th Duke of Hamilton. One of the rooms is known as 'Bruce's Room' but since the castle was all but destroyed in 1455 and 1544, it is unlikely that Robert the Bruce actually stayed in it. Once you are inside the castle grounds, you can also take advantage of several walking trails, including one leading up Goatfell mountain (874 metres) and another to the intriguingly named "Duchesses' Bathing Pool". There's an adventure playground to amuse the children and a Ranger Service covering the 600-acre estate. Weather information is given at their hut.CORRIE.Heading north out of Brodick, this is the first village you reach. It is not advisable to venture into the local 'caves' as they...

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