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TABLE OF CONTENTSINTRODUCTION...............21. ECONOMY OVERVIEW............22. THE CHEMICALS INDUSTRY.............22.1 Industry Briefing...............32.2 Opportunities for Growth................33. JOHNSON MATTHEY PLC PROFILE........43.1 Company Overview.............53.2 Company Policy.................64. SCAPA GROUP PLC PROFILE...........65. THE COMPANIES PERFORMANCE...........75.1 Financial analysis................75.2 Activity analysis.................85.3 Solvency and liquidity analysis...............95.4 Profitability analysis...............96. GRAPHICAL ANALYSIS...........106.1 JMAT Overall Comparison.........106.2 Prospective EPS Graph............116.2 Prospective Dividend.............11CONCLUSION AND RECOMMENDATION..........12TABLE OF REFERENCES............13APPENDICES...........14I.Key Ratios.............15II. Annual reports of Johnson Matthey PLC and Scapa Group PLC...........26INTRODUCTIONThe intention of this report is giving advice to the Johnson Matthey PLC's investor. The report will help the investor to make the best decision.It consists of economy overviews, analysis the industry position, Johnson Matthey PLC's profile and their competitor Scapa Group PLC's profile. Moreover, the in-depth analysis of the company's performance with comparative is also included in this report.The graphs presented in the report will make the investor easier to understand the operation of Johnson Matthey.1. ECONOMY OVERVIEWThe UK and all of the EU countries are slowing economic growth, because of the high oil prices and exchange rates. UK's real GDP grown by 3.2% in 2004, and prospected grow by only 1.9% in 2005. However, the housing market is booming, and household spending is keeping almost the same level in middle 2005.The Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) of the Bank of England cut interest rates to 4.5% in August. The main reason should be the government wants to encourage investors to spend more.On the other hand, almost all the FTSE 100 companies are reported higher profits and having strong cash flows. That is significantly point to the potential investors.2. THE CHEMICALS INDUSTRYThe graph 1 shows the trend from December 2004 to November 2005 of UK's chemical industry compare with FTSE 100.Chart 1: Analytical charting of FTSE 100 and Chemical IndustrySources: (accessed 15 November 2005)As shown in the graph, the chemical industry index in UK always higher than FTSE 100, except this few month. And the figures reached a peak at the beginning of 2005.2.1 Industry BriefingThe Chemicals industry is a large and valuable part of the UK manufacturing sector. The industry represents 7% of the added value in manufacturing and contributes £2.4 billions to the balance of trade (excluding pharmaceuticals). Over £26 billions of chemicals products are manufactured in the UK each year; 75% of this production is exported, whilst imports supply 75% of the domestic demand. The UK Chemicals industry therefore has a dynamic role in the...

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