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Report Writing

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Report writing
Civilization is a process of better management of human kind in every aspect of human life. Historians have decided three types of civilization. Which are ancient civilization, medieval civilization, and modern civilization. I am going to describe medieval civilization, especially Carolingian period and its affect in modern civilization.
Civilization developed in the period of Carolingian king Charles. Though he was not literate, he was very intelligences and supported major scholarly enterprises. He was devoted church and admired the pope. He did many reforms to symbolize his authority. He made standardized in his whole kingdom to the improvement of weights and measurement. ...view middle of the document...

For insect control, they use pigeons and doves which eat insects of their crop field and provided a small amount of fertilizer for their garden. They used plow for cultivating the fields and they did not make fences between their properties. That time irrigation system did not develop, so agriculture was depended on the weather. For the improvement of more production they used 2/3 system. That means they only use 2/3 of the land at one time and the rest of the land they used for next year.
Modern art was developed from Carolingian art. In the Carolingian period they mostly use metal, gold, and silver, for jewelry. Weapons and ivories embellished with gems and pearls for decoration. They used these kind of jewelry, decorated stuffs, ornaments, and art to display their status and hierarchy also they used these things for gifts. Those types of art, jewelry and decoration are still very popular at this time.
In Carolingian civilization monastic building and churches were constructed. They made house by stone and decoration had done by mosaic .The most monumental building was the plat ion cables. It wastes largest dome church and...

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