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Report Writing For A Research Paper

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A REPORT:Reports are documents which present specific, focused content-often the result of an experiment, investigation, or inquiry-to a specific audience. The audience may be public or private, an individual or the public in general. Reports are used in government, business, education, and science.IDENTIFYING THE RESEARCH TOPIC:SELECTING A BROAD AREA↓NARROWING DOWN↓CONVERT AREA OF RESEARCH↓FOCUS ON A PROBLEMAPPROACHES TO A REPORT:Approaches to research may be broadly classified into the following four types.•HISTORICAL APPROACH•DESCRIPTIVE APPROACH•CASE STUDY APPROACH•EXPERIMENTAL APPROACHThese approaches are adopted based on the nature and scope of research.OBJECTIVITY:Objectivity in research is explaining the results or main inferences without any interference from external influences on the researcher. Objectivity thus involves two considerations: viz, the correct method of dealing with any questions (logic) and the questions of how we know anything.CHOOSE OR COLABORATE RESEARCH DESIGNS:The different types of research designs are as follows•SAMPLING DESIGN•OBSERVATIONAL DESIGN•STATISTICAL DESIGN•OPERATIONAL DESIGNSAMPLING DESIGN:All the details connected with the sampling process, from the determination of the sample size down to the collection of data would be spelt out.OBSERVATIONAL DESIGN:If the study makes use of observational technique, then what type of observational technique would be used, conditions under which the observation will be made, would be indicatedSTATISTICAL DESIGN:This part of the research design would spell out the type of the analysis that would be carried out.OPERATIONAL DESIGN:This design would lay down the steps that would be taken at each stage as the design is executed.FEATURES OF A GOOD RESEARCH DESIGN:•FLEXIBLE•SHOULD MINIMISE BIAS AT EVERY STAGE•SHOULD FACILITATE COLLECTION AND ANALYSIS OF MAXIMUM INFORMATION•SHOULD BE CLOSELY LINKED WITH THE OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDYNATURE OF DATA:Based on the design and methodology chosen, the nature of data may differ. Data may refer to information or facts. Often, researchers understand data to be numerical figure. But it also includes descriptive facts, non-numerical information and quantitative information.CLASSIFICATION OF DATA:•PRIMARY DATA•SECONDARY DATAPRIMARY DATA:Primary data is known as the data collected for the first time through field survey. Such data are collected with specific set of objectives to access the current status of any thing studied.TECHNIQUES:• QUESTIONNAIRE OR SCHEDULE•...

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