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Report Writing Proposal

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I propose one-day conference called “Forgotten Fitness” consisting of four workshops all related to things generally under represented by mainstream fitness. The workshops would be; Sleep and its Relation to Fitness and Health, Flexibility Forgotten, Where’s the Water?, and Food for Thought. This conference will be open to professionals in the Ottawa area currently employed in the industry. The cost will be $4307.69, taxes included.

Conference Content

The workshops that would be presented at “Forgotten Fitness” are important as they often go unnoticed when forgotten. The goals of the conference would be to educate the people in attendance in why these four things (sleep, flexibility, hydration, and nutrition) are important to leading a healthy and balanced life style. Not only that, I wish to involve an interactive component to each workshop that will illustrate how all these things can be worked in to a daily routine.

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This time will be optimal as it does not conflict with any holidays or school breaks and therefore may be better attended. It also allows Fitness and Health Promotions students who are still missing placement hours to be involved. Lastly, many people begin thinking of their ‘beach body’ and living a more healthy lifestyle at the start of the summer and this conference could help fitness professionals educate their clients on how to reach their goals and improve their lives.

I will coordinate this conference and invite experts in the fields pertaining to the workshops to host each talk.


The workshops Sleep and its Relations to Fitness and Flexibility Forgotten would be located in the Gym. Where’s the Water? would be in studio above the gym, and Food for Thought would be held in the cafeteria eating area. Each workshop would be attended by 25-35 people depending on the number in attendance. The workshops would be 90 minutes long with 15 minute breaks and an hour break for lunch.

Marketing and Funds

This conference will be advertised/marketed throughout the Fitness and Health Promotions program as well as Algonquin College. A representative volunteer will be sent to the University of Ottawa and Carleton University to discuss the conference with the Human Kinetics departments and students. We will also advertise in select fitness centers across Ottawa.

We will be seeking sponsorships by select fitness facilities in Ottawa as well as Sport Injury and Rehabilitation centers for this event. This is where we plan to gain the up-front money for the conference. There will also be a raffle for week passes at gyms or discounted sessions with anyone who sponsors the event. There will also be a ticket price of $35 which will include food for the day. With the hopes of 100-150 people attending the conference, the ticket sales would bring in $3500-5250.

The profits from this conference will be split between the Fitness and Health Promotions Program, a Breakfast Club Program and/or a youth sport charity.

May I have your approval to start working on this project? I would appreciate a response by March 8 there is appropriate time to find sponsors, speakers and to properly advertise the event.

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