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Reflection And Review Of Class

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Student Success (GU100) Reflection and ReviewThe three subjects within Student Success that I found was useful were memory strategies, setting priorities and usage of time through time management skills and writing skills.Memory strategies is especially valuable to me as I am a little older than the average student. I want to discover ways to improve memorization and incorporate tips into my studies.Review, Reread, Recite and Rewrite are some of the best ways to memorize class information. These are the 4 R's and are considered the most effective memory strategies for me. This method includes reviewing the notes that were taken during lectures or reading assignments. Rereading the chapters that were assigned for the lessons. Reciting any of the lists or important facts that were brought up in the lectures. Finally, I should rewrite the information that I find to be relevant to the subject of the class. This method helps to exposes me to the information several times, providing the brain with more time and chances to make this information part of the long term memory rather than short term.Time management is my second choice and a subject that I thoroughly enjoyed and do try to incorporate the strategies within the lesson. I find that time management is kind of the cornerstone to the overall school term. If you learn to manage your time, your assignments will be prompt, discussions will follow and you can easily prepare for tests. Some good tips are:Make Lists: Write as much down as I can. I carry a notebook in the type of S memo and a List app on my phone. These have seen excellent apps to improve my productivity.Scheduling Time: I have made a schedule of my time and with much planning and thought have established the morning as my best concentration time so I schedule most of school work for the...

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