Representation Of A Childhood And Adolescence Through Cultural Institution

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In an effort to understand childhood and adulthood, or even other aspects of man’s life, a lot of aspects, tools and methods can be used. Amongst these are cultural institutions which form core aspects throughout someone’s life either consciously or unconsciously. These are usually elements within a culture which are supposed to be imperative or are customarily valued by the members as their identity (Cicchetti & Cohen, 1995).
In an exhibition about my childhood, a photo of my first day would inhibit varying cultural institutions. The most pre-dominant though would be education and family, and how others view would also be an influence. In regards to family, it would be notable that on the first day, my parents would both be present to take me to school. This is a clear indication that parents are a vital role in a child’s education and want to be there on their first day in school. The family would also appear in all phases of the first day in school. They will tend to accompany the child to all the parts of the school and make them feel comfortable with their new surroundings.
The photo would also reflect education, another cultural institution. Education is an important aspect as it assists the person to add knowledge in a more diverse way than when without it. The photo would be an indication that education starts from a tender age and parents are more than happy to introduce their children to an education system from a very tender age. The emphasis of education is based on the fact that man was to be identified with their level of intelligence which is perceived to be attained and enhanced through education.
On the minority representation would be the government. The photo would be a representation of the government to instill a learning culture to its citizenly. By it providing forums for even the young to go to school would be an indication that the concept of education is of great importance to the society. The government would however not have established schools and or even allowed children to be taken to school were it not an important cultural aspect of its society.
The economic system would also be highlighted. This is because the capitalistic economy is the one that predominantly allows children to go to school. This is because entrenched in the ideology of a capitalistic economy is the concept of human capital. The concept is to the opinion that the more educated one gets the higher ones pay will be in the end and as such advocate for people to get more education. Taking up the task so, parents ensure that their children take their children to school at the slightest impulse.
The primary school uniform would be another source of understanding and representation of these cultural institutions. The uniform would be another indication as to the development of education. It would show that education is a continuous process and progresses with age. It would also indicate the identity of learning institutions as different...

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