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Representation Of Gender In Television Sitcoms

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Representation of Gender in Television Sitcoms

“Men behaving badly” and “Only fools and horses” are both exceedingly
hilarious sitcoms, Only fools and horses was shown on the BBC and Men
behaving badly shown on ITV (but later moving to BBC with a later
time), when it first hit our screens. Although they eventually began
to fade out the sitcoms, well at least off of the standard channels of
one to five. Now days the BBC and ITV only produce special episodes
around Christmas time and on other special occasions. But if you still
cannot resist the temptation of watching the odd episode here and
there you can catch them on UK Gold, UK Gold 2 and UK Gold +1, on Sky
and cable channels. Yet both sitcoms are still just as funny watching
them second time round.

The British sitcom tends to rely on quick-fire jokes and quirky
characters than plots, the analysis of the British individual and
exaggerated caricatures of everyday stereotypes. There are, or course,
some exceptions, but neither Men behaving badly or Only fools and
horses are one of these exceptions. The sitcoms do have their
similarities but when looked into more detail things like their
achievements and aims seem to differ buy at the same time they arte
looking for a better standard of living. In Only fools and horses Dell
Boy (the main character) is looking to be rich and wealthy whereas
Gary is striving for a better relationship and sex life with women.
Along the way they encounter many different problems like the pub
closing down in the Men behaving badly episode “Good Pub Guide”. To
both Gary and Tony (the main character and his best friend) this is
horrific as it is one of the few things they still have in life but if
we take Dell Boy and Rodney (Only fools and horses) it would still be
a desperate measure but not as desperate as it is for Tony and Gary.
This is a similar situation as if Dell boy were to loose Rodney. Tony
and Gary’s lives seem to evolve around:

* Beer

* Women

Although on the other hand Dell Boy and Rodney’s life depends more on:



This shows that in men behaving badly women are only treated as an
object by Gary and Tony they do not know how t treat a women correctly
they just want them for a little fun. If we look at the episode “Good
pub guide” Gary...

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