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Representation Of Jordan And Kerry Mc Fadden In The Sun Tuesday 10th February 2004

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Textual AnalysisI integration between different media is shown clearly on the front page of the Sun on Tuesday 10th February 2004, as it is devoted exclusively to information on the television programme "I'm a celebrity, get me out of here!". Although it may appear that the front page is about the show, the actual content is more based around the participants, in particular the scandalous Jordan and the 'Queen of the Jungle' Kerry McFadden. However, both are represented very differently by the use of different journalistic techniques.Even the aesthetics and layout of the front page tell us a lot about the representation of the two different celebrities. The main headline for the front page is "QUEEN KERRY", yet, defying convention, the story to go with the headline has only a quarter of the space on the front page, where normally the headline story would get the large majority of the space. The rest of the space is set aside for a spectacular pug, again defying convention by enlarging the pug far beyond its normal placement alongside the masthead. In effect the large pug of Jordan upstages the headline for Kerry McFadden by taking up all the room, and drawing the reader's eye immediately away from the actual headline, with a large picture, a bold green background and red and white font. Also the fact that Jordan is placed at the top of the page, above Kerry, might provide a reading that implies Jordan may have been a more worthy winner that Kerry, or that Kerry will never be as big a celebrity as Jordan.Another key factor in differentiating the two stories is the pictures. It is immediately obvious that a certain amount of gate keeping has taken place, as both pictures help contribute to a preferred reading that creates contrasting ideas about each celebrity in the minds of the readers. The picture of Jordan offset against the deep green background creates a high contrast and makes Jordon stand out even more from the rest of the front page, and effectively drags all of the attention surrounding the winner, Kerry McFadden, away and back onto her. The picture itself is staged with Jordan in a staged, glamorous pose wearing very little. This ties in with the 'EXPOSED' tag...

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