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Representatives Of Fire And Light Essay

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In Frankenstein, the old world contains dark and unknown secrets, especially in the category of science; thus the goal of Victor Frankenstein is to reach the light or the enlightenment of knowledge. The more dangerous and stronger relation of light is fire. The first experience with a still-smoldering flame reveals the two-sided nature of fire to Frankenstein’s creation: the monster discovers through an informal high that fire creates light into the shadows of the night, but also that fire burns when he touches it. Light and fire are what symbolize knowledge, discovery, and enlightenment inside the life of Victor Frankenstein and his creature.
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Light also accompanies nearly all of Victor’s realizations about life. Bright Light can be too blinding, and both Victor and Walton are unable to view and understand the threatening results of their search for the search of enlightenment. When Victor finds the secret to producing life, he defines his frame of mind as if "a sudden light broke in upon me (Shelley, 20)." He envisages pouring a "torrent of light into the dark world full of secrets (Shelly, 28)" through the formation of a new species and producing life through something that is not alive. Both Victor and Walton are unsuccessful to perceive or think through the risky penalties of their expeditions for enlightenment.
Victor fails to see the dangerous consequences, as he has a childlike wonder of experience and wants to know as much as he continues on throughout the book, to learn more information possibly in order to possibly bring back his mother who had passed away. The light of science can be dangerous if approached too close or if pursued it too far. Victor realizes this “As I stood at the door, on a...

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